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Thin type appearing black

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  • Thin type appearing black

    I'm thinking this is a customer education issue, but I'm not sure how to deal with it.

    A customer asked us to redesign their logo to reflect a change in their business name. We submitted several designs that were somewhat based on their existing logo (what they said they wanted) to which the (new) owner did some cutting and pasting to came up with his own version, which he's insisting on using. He is using Montserrat as the typeface for the company name, a very thin font, and pms 648 as the color, a very dark blue. We told him a color that dark would appear black when printed with the thin type, but nonetheless he had us provide him proofs of some of is work using the new logo. Seeing that the type does indeed look black, he's been asking for versions using other pms colors, that he's selecting, and the results look the same. We gave him a version using 293 (the color in his old logo) and it looks OK, but he doesn't like it, he wants "navy" blue. It looks to us like 293 is about as dark as we can go and still look blue.

    The owner doesn't seem to understand why we aren't able to give him what he wants, and I get that. I sense that he's skeptical of any explanations I give him, and the more I try the less credible I seem to him. Any suggestions?

    BTW, the logo will be printed using 2- and 4-color offset and digital on both coated and uncoated stock.

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    Invoice him since you’ve delivered a solution that works otherwise you’ll end up wasting a lot of time while he plays with your crayons.
    Maybe ask him to find an example of a color that he likes printed as a thin graphic, and you’ll match it. Can you print out small versions of his logo using different collars so he can see the results for himself? Maybe you’re already doing it?


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      OMFG - Print this and tell him to pick a lighter pantone color
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        Thanks gordo & michealejahn. So far he's asked to see the logo with nine (!) different blues - 293 being the lightest and the only one that really looks at all blue, the remaining eight looking black. I'm meeting with him tomorrow, he tells me he's ready to decide on one.

        We've had a very profitable 20 year history with this customer, I'm hoping it continues with the new owner (the prior owners are still very involved) so I'm being a lot more patient than normal. We'll see.


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          I like the bottom one. 100 C; 95 M. Tough one to run consistently though. I'd drop the magenta to about 85 or 90 & replace with black.
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