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EFI Fiery 315 vs. 313 - Info Needed

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  • EFI Fiery 315 vs. 313 - Info Needed

    Hello all

    I am considering getting a new Digital Press for my shop

    Vendor is giving me TWO RIP Options

    EFI Fiery 315 or 313

    They want about 10,000 MORE for the 315

    I print mainly:

    Biz cards, flyers, booklets, tri folds, ect.

    We do SOME "variable" DATA, but not a ton. Maybe 1-2 jobs PER week need VARIABLE.

    Is the 315 "worth" the EXTRA $10,000 for "day to day" print work?

    Many thanks for your help / input


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    Digital Insight , I used to sell KM gear. The 313 will work just fine for what you're describing. The 315 is ideal if you are doing massive variable data jobs starting at 5,000-10,000 records plus, or if you handle large files on a regular basis in general. Additionally, if you need the Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition...the 315 automatically includes that along with impose/compose. Otherwise, you can add these features to the 313 as needed. I would highly recommend getting impose/compose if you get the 313. Furthermore, if you print alot of binders with tabs, or projects that need numbering such as tickets, NCR, or books, then upgrade to impose/job master instead of impose/compose.


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      I'd look at Montax Imposer as an alternative to the EFI Impose suite.


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        Originally posted by SoggyWinter View Post
        I'd look at Montax Imposer as an alternative to the EFI Impose suite.
        SoggyWinter, can you expand on why? I’m always open to new software if it does something better or faster....I’m curious, what is different about Montax?


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          Faster, more responsive and flexible UI, lower price, more variable data features. I use both Impose and Montax Imposer. Much lower pricetag.
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