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Thinking of moving to a New Workflow and Need Input

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    I work with Fuji XMF and Enfocus Switch. That do the job for printing for offset, digital and tracer with PSO constraints and automations


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      We are commercial and web2print shop and use Prinergy. I haven't used any other system besides Kodak, so I can't speak on the other systems. But I can tell you, with the RBA in Prinergy, and some creative use of other command line software that the RBAs can control, you sure can do a lot. We run a couple of offset KBAs and a couple color digital presses, and one 1-color digital press, along with color proofers and book proofers, and I almost forgot a couple of digital envelope printers. Obviously Prinergy doesn't run any of them, but it is able to process the files and get the files to the presses just fine.

      I would say if you are looking, try and find a forum for each of the systems, and do some lurking on them. See what the actually users are saying. And search for some of the scenarios that you are trying to do, you might get lucky. And I know that some times the forums are locked down until you are an actual user. But maybe you can talk to a sales person to get you access, for research.

      What we all have to remember is that these are all just tools for us to produce. We have to find the best ways to use the tools. And the manufacturer doesn't always know the best way. They just know "their" way.


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        [Disclaimer...I work for Tilia Labs...]

        Hi Akaleus,

        Have you checked out the planning and imposition product Phoenix by Tilia Labs ( Phoenix will handle all of your commercial and wide format work! Further, we integrate seamlessly with MIS systems via our open API, hotfolders, CSV, JDF, and/or XML. Phoenix runs on both MacOS and Windows (also Linux in automation mode) as well.

        Let me know if you are interested in learning more!


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          Originally posted by ksm1701 View Post
          ..., but run for the hills if anyone mentions Fuji XMF!
          please explain this

          and why did you get a like from whom for that?

          I am coming from Preps, ORIS (CGS) and a Harlequin-RIP, now working with Fuji XMF is like coming from rain into the sun and this time i am not joking, so asking seriuosly...



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            As a long time Apogee user, I can say it's a pretty awesome workflow! The best part is Apogee Impose, a completely integrated industrial strength imposition solution that is built into Apogee. The only potential downside is that Apogee Impose is only supported when using the Windows version of the Apogee client. The System is modular so buy only what you need and they offer quite a few enhancers to make the system better. They also have WebApproval which is a web-based online proofing system that is integrated within Apogee.

            You mentioned Asanti. I could be wrong but I believe Apogee can now be used to natively drive Wide Format machines.

            Best regards,


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