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HP Designjet 4000 replacement suggestions

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  • HP Designjet 4000 replacement suggestions

    Our old HP Designjet 4000 has given up the ghost. Any suggestions on a replacement with similar capabilities? We use as a proofing device to show color separations, die lines etc... in a screen-printing environment. Needs to be roll fed, quick and economical to run. Color accuracy is not critical. Running the ESKO workflow.

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    We replaced our 4000 with an HP Designjet T2530 a couple of years ago as there was a special on from our local dealer - been very happy with it - quicker and more economical to run than the 4000. We've run 40,000 sq. ft. on it and used 3100 ml of ink. Go to the larger ink cartridges - less costly in the long run. Have not had to replace any of the print heads yet. Only real drawback is that Photos print quite dark - we don't do a lot of that type of work so haven't put any effort into trying to compensate. Unit is way smaller than the 4000 which helps in our limited floor space. Quality is excellent - good unit. Think they have the next version of it our now - likely some improvements.


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      Thanks BobRym-that's a solid choice!


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        We have a T2500 and a T2530. Good machines. Slow, but good.


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