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RYOBI 3404 DI Initialization Errors

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  • RYOBI 3404 DI Initialization Errors

    Can someone please assist me with my Windows 98 PC running inside the Ryobi 3404 DI press, coming up with an Error E-020B communication error, I have tested the 2 x 1394 Firewire ports as well as the 2 x RS485 ports and they all tested ok, because of this error, the Press would not startup, thanks.

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    Hi sir:
    Whats The problem exactly in order to help you

    Let me know.

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      Thanks, we have a RYOBI 3404DI Press that worked perfectly unitl the PC inside the press crashed, that power supply was blown, after the replacement of the power supply unit, the PC lost communication with the RYOBI 3404DI press, reporting and error E-021 at first followed by an E-020B error, the log displays " Service Call Error E-021 and Service Call Error E-020B " and thereafter displays "Press-GUI Communication Retry " four times. With the above errors, the RYOBI 3404 DI press will not startup normally.


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        When an error occurs in the communication between the computer of the operation stand and the ink fountain keys of the press, this error is displayed.

        (1) Check that power is being supplied correctly to the unit CPU board.

        (2) Check the communication cable and the LEDs on the unit CPU board of the operation stand. ( 8-3 2) Checking LED)


        (1) Check that power is being supplied correctly to the ink fountain display board.

        (2) Check the communication cable and the LEDs on the ink fountain display board of the operation stand. ( 8-4 2) Checking LED)


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          Thank you smalloffsetpressexperts, when you mentioned about the unit CPU Board, you were referring to the board that I have uploaded below thank you. RYOBI 3404DI CPU Board Resized.jpg


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