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Imposing PDF saddle stitched booklet. (removing bleeds)

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  • Imposing PDF saddle stitched booklet. (removing bleeds)

    Hi there

    Customer supplies a multi page PDF. (no spreads just single pages) Pages are supplied with bleeds. (as I have requested). Is there a quick way to remove the left/right hand bleed where the pages meet on the fold/staple line
    before I impose?.

    I realize this is probably a prepress 101 question, but keep in mind I am an offset printer, I do not have a prepress background.

    I have available to me-
    CC InDesign (manually doing in InDesign at the moment)
    latest acrobat
    Fiery command workstation 5. I use the booklet mode under impose.
    Pitstop (but my version only works within command workstation.) Given to me by Xerox.

    90% of the time the job is to be digital printed (hence imposing in command workstation)

    Your input is much appreciated.

    thanks Simon

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    Use the Trim & Shift function in Quite Imposing Plus. In two steps: remove the bleed edge from the left hand side of your odd numbered pages, and from the right hand side of your even numbered pages.

    In a third step, you can use QIP's Create Booklet function to create the printer spreads.

    Of course, first you'll have to GET Quite Imposing Plus. Trial version downloadable from


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      thanks Steve. Was sort of hoping I could do something with my existing software!. But will look at the cost of "Quite Imposing Plus". ta Simon


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        I impose with fiery imposition. I set it for booklet and then under defined size I switch to user defined. Automatically imposes the pages how they need to be for a booklet.


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          With PitStop you can adjust the Bleed Box so the spine/inner bleed value is Zero.
          You'd have to do it manually in the Fiery in the Inspector and then apply it to all pages.

          Having said that, any good saddle stitch imposition software should take care of this for you.
          Senior Product Manager


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            InDesign has a Make Booklet function for a while now. I know it works, handling bleeds without the need to remove them from the gutter.


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              Use impose and enter a negative gutter in the center.


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