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The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

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  • The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    Hi, we are a mid-size printer that are looking for a new imposing software to use with Enfocus Switch. We do sheet-fed digital printing (SRA3), web-fed digital printing, sheet-fed offset and large format printing. Today we use different imposing software for the different output's, but we are looking at streamlining the imposing process with Switch.

    This is some of the features that we would like:
    • Possible to use PDF/X-4-files (mixed RGB + CMYK)
    • Rule based imposition with metadata/XML
    • Applying barcodes and other marks
    • Creeping/shingling (scale inwards)
    • True shape tiling/nesting
    • NOT based on static imposition templates
    • Fast
    • Dynamic

    Any suggestions?
    / Magnus

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    From my knowledge you have two main options Magnus. Tilia and Ultimate.
    They are the only two who do conventional imposition and nesting of irregular shapes.

    I don't have enough product knowledge to comment on your other requirements.
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      I'm in agreement with abc. I know from using Ultimate Impostrip Automation and Scalable that all of those conditions are met. That being said, I would look at Tilia Labs, focusing on nesting. Get some demos. It would be interesting to hear which solution you choose.


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        Those are great products but I would include Insoft Automation as another option.


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          Originally posted by ederoos View Post
          Those are great products but I would include Insoft Automation as another option.

          I wasn't sure if InSoft could take in XML to drive the imposition. Thanks.


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            I don't think there's an official Switch integration for Imp. It's not that it couldn't happen, just that it hasn't happened yet.
            Tilia and Ultimate have official Switch apps or configurators.
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