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    Right, just had an installation of a Harlequin blow up in my face. For one the migration tool that brings all the curves and dodah´s from the old 32bot Hqn to the new one didn´t and shredded the new rip in the process. Xitron was a great help here and the rip is now running fine.
    I spent yesterday getting the (free) workflow running which was a nightmare at least in this customers environment, but I got there, then sending cip 3 to prinect all afternoon without a hitch, when, boom! I get the little clock on the status side telling me that Prinect is waiting for the end of the "File stable time" and it won´t go away and I don´t know how to fix it. Anybody got an idea?

    Found it, over 30.000 jobs in the queue, prinect go BOOM!
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