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Transparency Issues?

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  • Transparency Issues?

    Had a file come in Q7 with drop shadow.
    You could see it in the PDF but when brought into Indy....I went away.
    Would not print...seems like some flattening issue?

    Saved out as EPS (postscript will not hold live trans., has to flatten)
    Then ran through distiller and was fine.

    Has anyone else seen this or seen other issues to look for.

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    Re: Transparency Issues?

    what version of indy were you bringing it into?


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      Re: Transparency Issues?

      If you have a QX7 project with drop shadow and you saved out a PDF, Quark insists on flattening the transparency, so there would be no transparency in the PDF - it's flattened already from output from Quark. Now if you told Quark not to flatten transparency, then the drop shadow would probably not be seen in the PDF. Quark, although it gives the option to uncheck flatten transparency, does not output correctly if this option is not checked.

      The problem may be that you are getting Quark to make the PDF, where I set Quark preferences up to make the postscript for later distilling into PDF/X-1a (through a Distiller Watched Folder). That way Adobe makes the PDF, and I haven't had any issues like that when InDesign works with an Adobe-created PDF.

      My personal preference is to make the PDF from Quark's postscript and drop it on my rip hotfolder, not putting it into InDesign. What need do you have to put it into InDesign?



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        Re: Transparency Issues?

        Quark 7 exports to Acrobat 5 so I'm surprised you're seeing this issue.


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