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  • Numbering software

    Not sure where to post this, but we need a program to number files for our Xerox DocColor 12. Right now we print the job on the Xerox then send it to the press to be numbered. Would love to avoid the press for certain jobs. Any good software, doesn't need lots of bells and whistles that will allow us to number for the Xerox?


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    Re: Numbering software

    Any VDP software could do this... PrintShop Mail (I work for them) is often used for numbering and personalization, though it can do a lot more. If you have a PostScript workflow for these documents, a simple little PostScript header on the top of each job could do numbering for you.


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      Re: Numbering software

      What is a post script header? We are very new to digital print, and there is obviously alot we have to learn.


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        Re: Numbering software

        I mean, if the jobs you are sending to the printer are PostScript language files, then you can add a small bit of PostScript code to each file. That PostScript code would modify the rest of the file slightly, so that each page would be numbered.


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          Re: Numbering software

          Do you have freeflow or digipath? if so you can number fom there.


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            Re: Numbering software

            You can try this simple software called Number Press.




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              you can do it using print merge in corel draw or similar app.
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                Try Fusion Pro Desktop, works like a charm, just numbered 400,000 tickets with it.


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                  Easy Numbering

                  If you have a Macintosh, Easy Numbering is a cheap shareware option.



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                    Use the tools you already have!

                    I bet you already have Excel and InDesign, create a sheet in Excel with the desired numbers, save it a a .csv file. Create your one up layout in InDesign, and merge the .csv into InDesign via Window > Automation > Data Merge. See the INDD help menu for full documentation. Your boss will be thankful you accomplished the task without spending any cash on new software.


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                      Vee, what a great way of doing it through a mail merge in InDesign. Thanks for the tip. This can also be done for multiple numbering on an 8.5x11 sheet. Genius simply genius. As an owner and prepress guy I greatly appreciate it!


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                        Bates stamping ?

                        I guess I am a little confused as to what you really mean by "page numbering" - and also was not sure if these are in some authoring application (like a Word or InDesign document) or if they are already paper (where you need to scan them) - or if these come in as PDF files (and you need to add these new text strings)

                        In the legal profession, when people submit documents as evidence, they need to each have a unique number impinged on them - the can be done buy running them tthugh some device that stamps a unique sequential number to the exsisting documents, but most people scan to PDF and use an Acrobat plug-in to place a sequential number on each PDF page - if this is what you are after, then one inexpensive tool is

                        PDF Stamp software - stamp image,text,graphics on the pdf file with pdf stamp software

                        $38 bucks.

                        hope that helps !
                        Michael Jahn - Slightly used PDF Evangelist
                        Simi Valley California


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                          Yes, like Vee said. Indesign for numbering. You can even use word if need be. Your boss should appreciate the time saved since you don't need to run it through the press as well as the copier.


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                            Originally posted by wonderings View Post
                            Not sure where to post this, but we need a program to number files for our Xerox DocColor 12. Right now we print the job on the Xerox then send it to the press to be numbered. Would love to avoid the press for certain jobs. Any good software, doesn't need lots of bells and whistles that will allow us to number for the Xerox?

                            There's no need to buy numbering software.

                            If it is a multiple page document:
                            First print to a pdf file. Then in Adobe Acrobat, create the page numbers you need.
                            It's a good idea to scroll through the file to see if the page numbers crash into any text that is formated with different margins other than the page you set up on.

                            If it is 1 original document, it's a little more complicated.
                            My B&W copier (Konika/Minolta) has the capability to print a page number, date, text or design overlay either right from the panel or from the pc (refer to your manual).
                            My Canon color copier doesn't but both copiers have the capability to print an overlay (the Fiery controller for the Canon calls them Master Pages).

                            I created more complicated numbering templates for tickets which I am planning to sell in trade magazines but if you just want to print just 1 number on a page using my technique, I can walk you through it. (Once you make the overlay/templates, you can use it/them over an over again. I have them saved on the print driver so I don't even have to load them the next time I need them.)

                            First, you create a numbered document in whatever software you use, with only the page number placed wherever you need it to be and make as many pages as you need and save it. You can even make more pages than you need and only print up to the page number you need each time instead of making many different files. (You can't add color to the background).
                            Open the original document. I don't know exactly how the Xerox runs its overlays (you'll probably have to check you manual) but on the Konica/Minolta, I print/save/create the ORIGINAL document to an overlay (or whatever term the driver uses).
                            If you have a Fiery controller, I can explain those steps upon request.
                            Then open the numbered file, and before you print (print only page 1 to test at first), call up the overlay that you saved and print it in the background of the muliple page numbering file.
                            If anyone is interested in my simple-to-use (and cheap!) Ticket Numbering Templates
                            to number while printing, then just CUT and STACK (no colating), email me at


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                              Do you have Corel Draw?


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