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  • Web 2 print system

    Does anyone know a good web 2 print system. I´m looking at the system from Printable and Press Sense (i-way).

    Any tought´s on the cost to buy and run a system like that?


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    Re: Web 2 print system

    It's difficult to comment on pricing, but as an estimate, I would say iWay would cost around £30K, which should include consultancy, installation and training to get you up and running live. EFI offer Digital StoreFront, which ranges from £7K to about £14K. I'm not sure what is included in these prices. The £7K version is a simple 1 skin site to allow users to submit print jobs. the more expensive version allows you to create more skins if you want to provide a personal service to each of your customers. I get the impression that iWay offers more out of the box than DSF and can be more tailored to your business ie. for extra money, you can use their Professional services to integrate iWay into your business specific applications, including database systems etc.

    iWay allows you to create default templates for each user that logs in and allows you to give the customer the ability to create their own templates. You can charge for this or use as a freebie to tie in your customers.

    Please note that the prices I have provided are just estimates and may well me much more for your specific requirements. If I was you, I would checkout the next digital/print show to get a feel for the product and to ask quectios about pricing. I think there is one in 16th-18th OCtober in London.


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      Re: Web 2 print system

      I have looked at Printable, Pageflex, Saepio and Online Print Solutions.

      Printable had a different approach to licensing - a little expensive, but good product.
      Pageflex was just too expensive
      Saepio was good, but a touch too corporate (I don't know how else to explain it)

      Went with OPS, very flexible, great support.



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        U can look this too

        few days back I have gone through this system find promising for my need.

        U can also review here.

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          Originally posted by radixindia View Post
          few days back I have gone through this system find promising for my need.
          Radix, if you are promoting Radix web2print then at least do not try to present yourself as a user.
          But you could write down something more about system, approximate pricing and sales models, what the system is capable of and some links to online design interfaxe. These are things that are most important in a w2p selection. If you need more info on how to present and sell the product I am glad to provide you with a fee based consultancy

          Otherwise, we use for now, which is not a bad solution. We are also able to provide layouts for it, if someone is interrested (we have developed them for European market usage).
          Smatros print & - small format, large format, flatbed, dtg, laser engraving & more in EU


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            I would love to arrange an online demonstration of our TribalSketch solution. With features like online design, live action FlipProof, and ecommerce capabilities - it might be a good fit.

            David Lewis 847-202-8424


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              hi Iceman, i have seen a nice solution in poland called
              looks like a nice software

              good luck, hope it helps


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                Re: Web 2 print system

                Hi Iceman,

                If you need is still live than would like to setup demo for our web to print solutions..

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