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Windows losing connection

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  • Windows losing connection

    We have a Dell server that keeps dropping the network connection to our other PC's (other pcs can't connect after a couple of hours). So far the only thing that gets it back is a complete reboot of the server. Even when it can't be seen anymore the server can still see other pc's on the network.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Windows losing connection

    "master browser"...we now leave a PC on 24/7 so the server doesn't conflict with another PC's master browser on startup...hope this helps


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      Re: Windows losing connection

      What the heck is master browser?

      and what do I need to do with it (sorry I'm a mac boy). This particular pc is left on 24/7 btw.


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        Re: Windows losing connection

        I see that this hadn't been answered. We had this problem ourselves a week or so ago and our IT guy gave a very nice explanation. Here is his reply to my question.

        "name resolution on a network is done one of 2 ways or both, dns is one methond of name resolution and netbios is another. netbios is a method where you have one master that has a list of all machines the master is determined by the biggest computer. many variables go into the computers value, for example windows 2000 is higher than win98, xp is higher then 2000, 2000 server is higher then desktop os, server 2003 is higher then 2000 server, you get the idea. so we have a domain which has many servers running 2003 server, there are other things after that that help determine the master, who has more memory, hdd space, processor, etc. the problem with this system is that there isn't one declared winner, machines tend to fight over the spot, then when they do they force an election which decides who is the master (for now) then the master has to compile a list of everyone again etc... it isn't near as efficient as dns but in cases where you do not have dns, it is all there is. in an environment where you only have 2000 and xp clients (and unix is ok too) and servers, you don't necessarily need to be using it. but when you have a windows 9x machine involved or sharing from desktop pc's you need to let it run."

        We turned off netbios on our server to prevent this. Hope this helps.



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