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inkjet,how do you know if you have a morie pattern

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  • inkjet,how do you know if you have a morie pattern

    These days with all these digital inkjet (Piezo )contract proofs how does one know for sure if an image is going to have a morie pattern on press. There are no screen angles on a poof to cause a morie. What is the safest way to avoid them?

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    Re: inkjet,how do you know if you have a morie pattern

    Answer #1 = skill in file preparation ($$$).

    Answer #2 = Use a real dot technology such as Serendipity Black Magic to make a screened dot proof on a good inkjet printer. The BM polls the ripped data and makes a proof to match. There is some smoothing as the resolution must be resampled down to the inkjet's res but serious moires will/do show. It will catch all but the most devilish of moires. And match the plate data which IWA is for more important.

    Answer #3 = If the output engine such as a plateseter is poorly optimized, you can even get a moire caused by the drive mechanism of that output device so a carefully calibrated output is mandatory, IMO.

    John W


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      Re: inkjet,how do you know if you have a morie pattern

      You could also use soft proofing. FirstProof Pro from Hamillroad lets you view actual dots on screen. Also, since you are working with actual plate ready files, you can accurately check many other areas like object size, ink coverage and traps. The pro version gives you an extra approval funstion and lets you combine plate files.

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