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Dynastrip vs Preps

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  • Dynastrip vs Preps

    Has anyone worked with both? If so, which one is the easiest & most reliable to learn?

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    Re: Dynastrip vs Preps

    I have worked with both and IMO Dynastrip is easier to use. It is more intuitive and doesn't require quite as much mathematics. I believe that you can download a trial version from the Dynagram website to try out.

    Preps is a very good impo program as well, probably more of an industry standard than Dynastrip, but the learning curve will be much greater. I couldn't imagine imposing some of the ganging jobs that I have done in Dynastrip in a program such as Preps.

    I noticed in another post that you were asking about Nexus vs Prinergy. I have used both these impo programs with Prinergy with equal success so there shouldn't be any issue there, although Kodak will probably recommend Preps.


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      Re: Dynastrip vs Preps

      Preps will work well with Prinergy. I DO know that. It is going to be a matter of compatibility, too.

      Dig deeper. Find your needs.



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        Re: Dynastrip vs Preps

        Preps = More powerful and customizable, steeper learning curve, indispensable for a Prinergy workflow.

        Dynastrip = Fewer features in my experience, easier to get up & running, can't say if it integrates with a larger workflow situation or not though.


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          Re: Dynastrip vs Preps


          I have not used this combination, but I understand setting up multiple jobs and gang runs become a simple plug and play.

          Can anyone verify that or is there another program involved?



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            Re: Dynastrip vs Preps


            Depending on YOUR needs, you might look for new generation solutions.
            Preps and Dynastrip are popular, but their were designed 15 years ago...

            You might want to look for automated imposition with Hot Folders and Dynamic Templates.
            Our solution, Impostrip On Demand Digital does exactly this.

            You can try a complete version for FREE by downloading from our web site:

            We'll be glad to help.

            Raymond Duval
            Ultimate Technographics Inc.


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              Re: Dynastrip vs Preps

              I have worked with both.

              I work 3rd shift and so I sort of am on the crap end of training, and yes Dynastrip was easier to learn ( a little anyway), sure. But there were certain features with Dynastrip that our main pre press shift didn't like, so we went to Creo (Preps, Dynastrip, whatever).

              At first I hated Creo, because it seemed as though there was a lot more "little" things I needed to do to get a plate out. Now I can't imagine working with Dynastrip again. Really it would be a step backward for our shop. Setting up the templates isn't as easy, but there's a lot more little things you can adjust, and easier, than in Dynastrip. And proofing with the virtual proofing software is just wonderful. Makes my job a lot easier. Less font problems too. Creo seems better at catching them.

              We're a newpaper, so our needs aren't very great as some commercial printers, but learning Creo really was worth it, in my experience. Plus the Creo helpdesk seems more helpful with questions than Dynastrip.

              I like the Trendsetter News imager, too. Loading plates is easier than the old system we had...which I don't know if it's universal for Dynastrip, but I hated it. Actually it was a nightmare. It was a flat imager, and the News is a drum. Hope this helped?

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