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Quark 7.0 issues

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  • Quark 7.0 issues

    We have gotten our first introduction to supplied customer files using quark 7.0 and drop show effects that overprint other images. Both ,tiff's and vector base .eps files.

    We are having issues trying to get a good file out of Quark to upload into Prinergy. We are either getting solid black boxes where the drop shadows are, or where the drop shadows intersect the other images, it renders the files down to 72 dpi.

    We are using Adobe PDF 8.0 as our printer and using Prinergy Refine 3 as our PPD.
    We select Full Resolution TIFF Output
    We select Composite CMYK
    For Transparency Rendering options I selected the folllowing
    Vector Images: 2400
    Blends: 300
    Drop Shadows: 300
    We are writing fat postscript, no OPI.
    We are using Postscript level 3

    We have tried exporting PDF's and .eps files as well.

    Nothing gave us the desired results for Prinergy.

    I tested the postscripts out in Distiller using 1.4 (even though .PS flattened them already), to make sure it was not Prinergy Refining files that way.

    I ended up recreating files in Indesign with same effects, which worked out great, but we cannot do this every time we get a Quark 7 build like this.

    So if you have any ideas or work arounds to the new drop shadow features and tranparency, I would appreciate it.

    Also what color management settings should we us so that we will be preserving numbers when we Postscript out of Quark. This is another issue we came up against on another job. We got a variety of results trying to use profile and settings to get the results we were after.

    Thanks In Advance

    Steve Lehning

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    Re: Quark 7.0 issues


    First, for all legacy documents opened in Quark 7 (recommend to update to latest, which is 7.3 at this time), the color management will be the same as Quark 6.5 (to me this means don't use RGB and if present, do conversion in Photoshop if necessary). CMYK and grayscale are not color managed (execpt for appearance on-screen, and the older Quark profiles used in this scenario - see Color Manager in Quark 7 preferences - make the color look bad).

    Any newly created Quark 7 projects will use the Quark 7 default Color Manager settings. RGB that has a profile embedded will have that embedded profile honored. RGB that doesn't have the profile embedded will use Quark 7's default RGB profile for new projects (same as Adobe RGB (1998)) for actual output, but since Proof Output is set to None by default, a wrong preview is given for untagged RGB. The customer thinks sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is being assigned (because of the preview with Proof Output set to None), but the Quark 7 RGB profile is actually being used for output (which you can confirm with Proof Output set to CMYK and Spot and seeing the untagged RGB's color change). See: (thread I started named "Quark 7 is a lying piece of crap software when it comes to RGB color ")

    Also, even if opening a legacy project (such as Quark 6.5 document which uses PANTONE solid coated library-built colors), if choosing to process those spots out, even though Quark 7 has the same name library as version 6.5, the CMYK equivalents are not the same as in Quark 6.5. See: (thread named "Pantone issue in QRK 6 and 7" I commented on)

    Also See: (thread named "PDF or EPS from Quark7" that shows exactly what I do to get PDF out of Quark 7 successfully).



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      Re: Quark 7.0 issues

      Hi Steve,

      There's a tech bulletin (734-00525A-EN-RevA) on ecentral regarding Quark 7.

      Regards, John
      Technical Manager - RR Donnelley


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