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Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

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  • Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

    Hi, this is my first post so please go easy on me

    OK, I have a very small printing business which does OK and I'm currently using a Panther VR imagesetter to output neg film. I have a been using Xitron Navigator 6 for quite a while on a Windows 2000 platform and all goes well. I recently had to replace a HDD, so I had to install an OS, I decided on XP Pro as it was modern enough and the PC has more then enough resources to handle it.

    The issue:

    After installing XP, and reinstalling Xitron Nav, SCSI card etc, I keep getting the annoying 'Add New Hardware' wizard popping up everytime i start up the PC with the Panther powered on. This use to do this under Windows 2000 when it was a fresh install, but this would be resolved by installing the Hardware (Panther Film Recorder) during the wizard using the XiScsi.inf supplied with Xitron Nav. This would then be fine and I would never see the wizard again.
    XP Pro however, no matter how many times I try and add the hardware during wizard using XiScsi.inf , the wizard still pops up, time and time again. I tried a manual install through device manager>update driver and also using the Add New Hardware in Control Panel, to no avail unfortunately.

    Also the Imagesetter still works fine under XP Pro as long as I don't mind the Wizard popping up all day long.

    Has anybody had this issue??? Has anybody resolved this issue???

    Would be grateful for feedback.


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    Re: Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

    **Take a system restore point prior to any of these suggestions. <<Start ,programs, accessories, system tools, and system restore >> That way you can 'roll back'* *and start again if something happens....but these are rather minor ''tweaks'' as tweaks go.**

    Do this after production ends in case something needs to be rolled back. System restores can take
    20 minutes or you can undo the steps mentioned to fix it manually.

    First try to disable the automatic searching for printers in the folders options.
    Right click the START button
    left clik EXPLORE
    way up at the top see Tools - left clik that
    under the TAB called VIEW across the top
    youll see AVANCED settings
    and the first box uncheck --> automatically search for network folders and printers
    this might end the issue right away. Try and see

    If XP sees a device and it thinks its a printer it will always try to install it
    somehow even if it doesnt have the driver that it wants, or thinks it wants.

    reboot and see what happens - if it still 'sees' it its time for the more 'intense fix'

    Try temporarily disabling the _plug and play services_ of XP so that it stops atempting to load
    your device by the default routine of detection and plug and play.

    Go to : start , run type in SERVICES.MSC
    and scroll down the right panel
    till you find PLUG AND PLAY service
    double click it and a window pops up
    in the middle of page , under startup type select :disabled
    this will stop XP from trying to install something that is already installed.

    Again - this WILL disable any type of plug and play action in the future too . So if you use jump drives to transfer info ... this is not a good workaround, otherwise it should help.

    <<But I suspect that you have a slight incompatability problem too - check with the manufacturer
    for an updated driver too. >>

    NOTE: this is a 'work around' solution and it might work for you and it may not. Remind yourself to stick a note on the side of the PC XP box stating that you have disabled the 'plug and play ' services
    on the PC so that when you try to add something else (like a jump drive ) and it doesnt load up - youll remember why.

    Again - you can undo the steps listed above to reset it or use the system restore point feature.

    Cheers. Walter B.


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      Re: Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

      If you cancel the Add Hardware Wizard and go into Device Manager, do you see the Yellow Caution icon?

      If so, can you right click and select "Update Driver" and locate the XiScsi files?

      There is a pretty detailed explanation of the Driver Installation under XP in the UserGuide, which I am pretty sure is available on the Xitron Website.
      Good Luck,
      Peter Furnee


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        Re: Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

        One thing to check before you go through all of this stuff is also to check on your Device Manager.

        Right click on your system and go to manage.

        Select Device Manager.

        Determine if you have a generic SCSI printer installed. If you do, DISABLE it. Do NOT remove it.

        This will force the system to load the correct drivers.


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