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Photoshop CS2 rotates image when opening

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  • Photoshop CS2 rotates image when opening

    I have an image that opens in Photoshop CS with a vertical orientation and in CS2 with a horizontal orientation. The same image opens differently and of course, we printined it with the wrong orientation. Has anyone else seen this? I think it has to do with the different ways the apps understand some of the EXIF data.

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    Re: Photoshop CS2 rotates image when opening

    I think your suspicions are probably pretty close to the mark. Did someone rotate the image in Bridge, or a similar asset management tool? If you rotate in Bridge, only the preview is supposed to be effected. Maybe the different apps interpret this differently.

    What type of file? Could it contain any sidecar data from Camera RAW or another RAW converter?



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      Re: Photoshop CS2 rotates image when opening

      I've seen this to (from images taken with a Canon EOS). Some cameras record the orientation to the EXIF tag. CS reads this and applies the rotation automatically. If you open the image in CS2, and rotate it to the correct orientation, the flag is dropped and it will display correctly in both versions.

      *EDIT* the FLAG is dropped....the FLAG! Sorry...left out the "L".

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