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  • Odystar Issues

    I am having an issue when Odytstar is flattening a PDF. I have a background with lines through it and then I have Black overprinting type ontop of that background. Sounds simple, not really. When I get these files into Acrobat or a press House we are seeing small harlines through the black type that is in the position of the lines of the background underneath. (TRAP)
    They do not look like they will print (in fact they don't to a FUJI digital Proofer), but try explaing that to a press-man or a client.
    Has anybody else had this problem and if so, how do I fix it.


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    Re: Odystar Issues

    Did you check what is your minimum stroke width for your lines? Our minimum is 0.5pt. Anyway, did you contact AWS support? You should have their service contract, right? You can send the file to them and they will tell you how to fix it.


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