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Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3

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  • Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3

    hello print people!! anybody aware of issues with importing an already created Adobe Illustrator CS1 EPS file into QXP 7.3, then applying a quark box with a drop shadow above it...

    ...we had a job today from client with this very setup (a gradient background with vector stars), when printed to PS File and Distilled the transparent areas that interacted with the EPS background became very blocky indeed...

    ...all efforts to fix didn't work, although one area we haven't yet tried is to PDF the eps and import or save from acrobat to eps again...

    ...another issue we came across (from same client) is a Photoshop EPS clipping path from CS1 above another Photoshop EPS clipping path from CS1, the top clipping path having a drop shadow applied to it, again a blocky result around the drop shadow bounding area...

    ...tried to replicate the problem via CS3, but worked fine...


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    Re: Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3

    First, I would recommend making sure you're using the latest Quark 7.3. In the options when printing, did you check Transparency tab and make sure it's the same as your rip for all settings (e.g. 300dpi)? If exporting PDF instead of printing, I would choose that as well as make sure there's no compression when making PS and then use Distiller to distill Quark PS into a PDF/X-1a. See how that works and let us know.



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      Re: Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3

      ...hi don...

      ...thanks for reply...

      ...didn't manage to look much more into this job today, we resorted to rasterizing the background vector art in illustrator CS3 on Intel Mac and updating the quark image usage (oddly rasterizing in CS2 on PPC Mac also didn't work). Given the deadline it was the only real fix we could come up with as already jumped through many hoops to get to that point...

      ...definitely latest quark is used here (7.3), and transparency settings are custom style setups for high end output in quark 7.3, defintley not low resolution as even pitstop recognizes these blocky bitmapped areas of shadow and background as high res... i mentioned in first post, tried to quickly replicate the issue using CS3 and all was fine. As we don't have CS1 we have no way of testing it with quark 7.3, so we came to conclusion that, as this being the only client with CS1, there is possiby some issue with compatibility that someone else may of also come across too...

      ...export to pdf from quark produced the same result, when i say blocky, i mean blocky, 3 to 4mm wide in some areas, it can cleary be seen in the pdf, which would suggest to me that this is how it will output to, gradient and vector is very messed up by the shadow bounding area...

      ...we tried on both PPC Mac and Intel Mac with identcal results...

      ...simply opening and resaving as CS3 EPS didn't work, copy and pasting to new CS3 document didn't work either, however creating my own in CS3 worked fine using identical output settings from quark, be it postcript or export to pdf...

      ...distiller settings here are set for no compression at all, PDF X1a same result as having no compression in distiller, so the problem is looking like quark 7.3 and CS1 to me...

      ...very annoying...



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        Re: Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3


        Seeing as how saving as CS3 EPS didn't work, that narrows it down to Quark 7 being the culprit (not surprised). Too bad we have to use this piece of crap at all.



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          Re: Shadows - Illustrator CS1 EPS or Photoshop CS1 Clipping Path in QXP 7.3

          ...i agree don...

 gets very frustrating indeed, making all these great advances into transparency...

 then find that vectors created four years ago won't appear to work with Quark 7...

          ...simply opening and saving them as a later CS3 EPS was had us banging the desks in amazement...

          ...surely that would work you might think??? Again we saw the darkness yet again, and it all painfully reminded us that we were dealing with Quark here...

          ...we phoned the designer in the end, who said all this was "stifling his creative freedom", so we said yes, better get a crash course in indesign...



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