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  • Dynastrip

    I don't see a Dynastrip discussion area, so I'm going to ask this in here.

    Is there a way to have Dynastrip remember page sizes and output location in the print dialog area? I'm really getting sick of having to change both of these every time I go back to print a job. It defaults to the page size and 'print to' location of the previous job. You'd think with all the .dsf and .dat and dozen or so other files it has to create that there would be something that stores that info so if you have to come back to it later that would still be set up correctly for that job.

    I haven't had a whole lot of training, so maybe I'm just overlooking something - any help appreciated!
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    Re: Dynastrip

    awesome avatar duck, I'm still chuckling ;-)


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      Re: Dynastrip

      Poor miserable Duck, Xitron AND Dynstrip...when will the torment ever end?


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        Re: Dynastrip

        dont worry duck, a rep from dynastrip will be along any minute now to derail your question :0


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          Re: Dynastrip

          > {quote:title=Angstboy wrote:}{quote}
          > Poor miserable Duck, Xitron AND Dynstrip...when will the torment ever end?

          Yeah, the same workflow as you have I guess, which would explain your nick.
          I'm guessing that the answer to my question is to just keep changing all the print settings each time I print.

          You get what you pay for


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            Re: Dynastrip

            I can't be specific about another product and maybe it is a training issue. But is there no way to save this set up before you quit or move on to another job?
            We save all the information within the job file and of course our hot-folder automation is handy for that also.

            What about the move from Rampage to Xitron. How did that come about?


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              Re: Dynastrip

              May very well be a training issue, that's why I posted. I hoped I had just missed something, from what I've heard so far it seems to be a flaw with the program.

              The move from Rampage came as I moved to a new shop. Started at this place with PS/M, got a Brisque off ebay (which I had no experience with but learned quickly), then recently went with Xitron to run the new (used) platesetter. Apparently getting feedback from prepress is not a concern when choosing new rips, just going with cost is the way to go. Let the prepress drones figure it out...

              Anyway, we're in week 7 now, Xitron is completely re-installing and setting up all of the software. I guess they couldn't just fix what the original install/trainer did. Hopefully they will get it right and actually provide a little bit of training.


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                Re: Dynastrip

                I used a Xitron to a Dolev 800 for several years without any issues and training/installation was good, maybe they have slid a bit in the years since I used it.

                Call Jim Thrush at Xitron and give him hell. (Assuming he's still the big chief there).


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                  Re: Dynastrip

                  Jim is still big chief and I don't think Xitron has slipped. Xitron didn't do Duck's install. They are attempting to undo the install done by a third party.
                  Hopefully this will all go well and Duck will let us all know.


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                    Re: Dynastrip

                    I used Dynastrip awhile back and what we did was save to a folder on the desktop. Once it was saved we moved it to the appropriate job folder. Still a hassle but it saves changing the settings in Dynastrip all the time.


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                      Re: Dynastrip

                      We used to have the same problem. Our vendor suggested creating different set-ups under "Output Device" (Destination, linescreen, etc.). The "Output Device" and "Plate" information will stay with the job after you have printed it. It worked so far for us.


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