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16' x 10' Banner - file size?

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  • 16' x 10' Banner - file size?

    I am designing a large full-color banner (16ft x 10ft) for outdoor use. I currently have the background in Photoshop at 300dpi and the overall design in CorelDraw.

    My file size is 800+ MB - am I doing something wrong or is this to be expected for this size of a banner?

    I've also heard a couple of different opinions on the correct dpi for large format printing like this. One person told me optimum print quality at 720dpi and another said I could go as low as 72dpi. Which do you recommend?

    Lynne Hanson

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    Re: 16' x 10' Banner - file size?

    I would say to talk to the printer that will be outputting the banner, and they can tell you what the best settings will be for their shop.

    For example, I like PDF files set up for my Esko workflow a specific way, but these same PDF files may or may not work the same way in a different workflow like Prinergy or Apogee.


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      Re: 16' x 10' Banner - file size?

      With the large format stuff that I have done either 100dpi or 150dpi has been more than fine.
      I've see the 150dpi vs. 300dpi prints, and I haven't see any quality difference.

      What kind of banner material are you using?


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        Re: 16' x 10' Banner - file size?

        I would agree on both comment s above. But always ask the vendor your working with how they prefer the file to be set-up. !00 - 150 dpi is usually acceptable for banners. Banners are often printed out on ink-jet printers and ink-jets are usually quite forgiving when it comes to resolution.


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          Check with your printer, consult their website for file specifications. Call the prepress operator for the most detail. Consider how close the viewer will be to the finished banner, this will dictate the optimum resolution you will want to print. The further away the viewer the lower the resolution can be.


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