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  • Quark Prinergy DCS

    Recently got a Quark doc with a placed cmyk DCS file. Exporting PDF or writing .ps and distilling to PDF creates a low res document. we are using a Prinergy workflow. Customer also supplied a separated .ps file. I am knew to the company and I haven't worked in Prinergy for years. Isn't there a way to place the image in a Prinergy images (OPI) folder and link to that in the refining process? Or how can I utilize this separated .ps file. I did place the image in an Illustrator file, saved as .eps and distilled - I got a hi res PDF but it was chopped into a bunch of small images. I also tried placing the DCS image in Indd but I got the same result as I did from the Q doc (lo res PDF). Help!

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    Re: Quark Prinergy DCS

    open the DCS in photoshop and save as a .tif and relink to that .tif in Quark. Should work.


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      Re: Quark Prinergy DCS

      DCS is a preseparated file format. Simply converting to TIFF won't do any good.

      You need a couple of options:
      Print the Quark document as separations to get the high res data down to Prinergy and then merge the separations.
      Print composite to Prinergy and put the DCS2 file in the high res images path
      Use Imprese DCS Merger to "merge" the DCS2 file into a composite EPS, relink, print and be done.
      Matt Beals
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        Re: Quark Prinergy DCS

        Hi, Matt.

        I've converted hundreds of DCS files to .tif format and relinked in Quark to relieve issues. It was our standard OP with old jobs we had picked up from years previous. Never had a problem (unless some of the components of the DCS were missing). Re-saving as a .tif made one composite high-res file.

        Am I missing something here?


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          Re: Quark Prinergy DCS

          Re-saving as a Tiff file is fine as long as the original DCS file was only CMYK. If the DCS file had spot colors in it then converting to a Tiff file would not solve the problem as Tiff files do not support spot colors.



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            Re: Quark Prinergy DCS

            There is an app called Sampler 4.0, but it runs only in classic mode. At my last shop we used it for DCS images that were placed in Quark and Illustrator as well (within a Prinergy workflow). It makes an OPI image that you place and then RIP and have the RIP do the OPI swap. It worked well for us (these were 5c dcs images), but the preview quality, expecially in Quark, wasn't too good. We would place a 4c version of it, just to get a better visual representation, and then replace it with the Sampler image.

            If I'm not mistaken, Sampler 4.0 was picked up by Creo when it purchased ScenicSoft. I downloaded it a few years back from tCreo's e-central site.



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