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RamPage trap settings from old jobs

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  • RamPage trap settings from old jobs

    We are running the latest RamPage, v10.5

    When we rerun a job that had been archived, is there a file we can grab/load that has all of the previous trap settings/information?

    Instead of manually trapping a big intricate file each time we run it, is there 1 file out of everthing that gets backed up, that we can put into the newest folder to save time and mistakes?
    And insure that the new run is trapped exactly like the previous run?


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    Re: RamPage trap settings from old jobs

    unless you are running an exact reprint and are saving your RSI Data then no. That is one thing I wish Rampage had, some ability to show what custom traps were made on a job.


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      Re: RamPage trap settings from old jobs

      Cory, yes they are exact repeats.

      When we do back up jobs, it does save a folder called "RSI DATA"
      In there are sub-folders for each .eps/.pdf we rip, and each sig we rip as well.
      And in each sub-folder, is a folder titled "TRAP", and there is a file in this folder called "DATAPR".

      Can we put it someplace, and it will have the trap settings from the previous press run?

      Time to do a little experimenting.......


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        Re: RamPage trap settings from old jobs

        We don't save profiles, but I don't know if you can revert to an old version. Each job has all the user profiles loaded in (Main Profile). If you load all the profiles creating a profile set for each job and saving it with that job, you may be able to store custom trapping info.

        I always question them about settings and why they don't save Preps templates, profiles and everything relating to that job. No one ever writes specific notes, either.

        I'm glad this isn't a hospital!! No one can follow up someone's job around here.


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