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BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

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  • BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

    I've discover bug with Trap Engine.

    - Some horizontal "gray lines" appear randomly on some picture.
    - Red lines appear randomly around on some PDF
    - Some text Extra Black appear bold (vector text !)

    No problem with "standard" RIP !

    Here is screen capture.

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    Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

    I have been using 10.5 since it came out and have not seen anything like that. drop Rampage a line and upload the file to their ftp site,
    If its a bug they will fix it before the next release.


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      Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5


      Do you have the RAMPage FTP adress ?

      Since I live in France, I have no information about it (RAMPage is sell by Fuji France)

      Thank you


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        Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

        On the profile have you tried to take off dual raster and knockout on the images? I have seen lines in previous versions, 9.x.



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          Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

          Do you have a support contract?
          If so, just call them and they will give you the info.


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            Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

            Well, support is done by Fujigraphic France and is not very good. I do not have access to Rampage USA support (why ??)

            They told me yesterday that I must put "Detect Flatness" on within Trap Engine setting…

            I will try today or tomorrow.


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              Re: BIG Trap Engine bug in 10.5

              From the screen shots those could be tile artifacts from the trapping. Flatness detection would work in that case. The easiest way to check if its a tiling issue
              is to just rip the file un-trapped. You had mentioned you ran it through your previous work flow and it was fine so there could be another issue. What is the source file? pdfs out of InDesign or Quark? Let me know. If you have an ftp site where I could download the file I would be happy to take a look at it. I have used Rampage for over 10 years and there is not much I haven't seen.


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