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stochastic dot?

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  • stochastic dot?

    Does anyone use stochastic dot instead of RCS in Rampage? What info can you share with me? How does it compare with RCS? What about calibration of CTP? How do you build stochastic curves?

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    Re: stochastic dot?

    Have you looked at the Cores dot? It's great, improved our printing considerably and is very affordable.

    Are your customers asking for the stochastic? or is it an internal decision?


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      Re: stochastic dot?

      I had my sales people asking for stochastic because our competitors have stochastic capabilities. I am using CoRes dot for my Fuji FinalProof but can you use it with Rampage on Screen CTP?

      My only options are:

      1) RCS (I am using this as my standard dot for my CTP)
      2) standard
      3) stochastic

      I have stochastic option but I have never used it. I am looking for someone who is currently using it and wants to share his/her experience with us.


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        Re: stochastic dot?

        We are currently running Fuji's Co-Res screening on a Screen platemaker and have been doing so for 3 years with consistant reliability.


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          Re: stochastic dot?

          Just a point of clarification, Fuji's Co-Res screening is AM screening - not stochastic.

          best, gordo


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            Re: stochastic dot?

            Are you using Rampage? Is this an option for Rampage? How does it differ from RCS? How do you check calibration of your Javelin?


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              Re: stochastic dot?

              LOL I also run RAMpage and have the stochastic option. Problems in using it are_
              1. you need presses in optimum condition.
              2. you need to fingerprint for stochastic
              Since our presses here are older than Computers it's not a plate option for us
              I do use stochastic option in the proof queue tho, for quick Epson proofs, because for whatever reason, they print faster.


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                Re: stochastic dot?

                The stochastic dot that you get for Rampage is usually enabled for your RPD box for proofing. Check to see if the option is enabled on the hasp
                for your shooter. If it is then you can make plates. The stochastic dot that Rampage uses is a first order stochastic so it is harder in my opinion to
                control on press compared to a second order stochastic. I currently use HPS screening (Harlequin Precision Screening) and build my own screen sets as it gives me much more control over screen angles, frequencies and dot shapes. The RCS and standard are good screen sets but with HPS I can build a dot shape for any situation. I use Harlequins EllipticalP for most jobs as it reduces the 50% optical bump that you can get with a euclidean dot shape. RCS & Standard are euclidean in shape. I am currently testing Taffeta, Fuji's second order stochastic in the press room. You calibrate the same at the platesetter but you must build compensation curves as you can not run stochastic linear. To build the curves is similar to building curves for AM screening. Run linear plates (CMYK). Make sure you have a very good spectro/densitometer and start reading your dot gains and then build your comp curves. We are going G7 in about six weeks and will be redoing all our curves for all the presses and we are also going to roll out InkDrop so we can use max GCR and have better control in the pressroom.


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                  Rampage Calibration of Hybrid Screening?

                  I am interested in trying the rampage hybrid screening. Is it possible for me to install and calibrate this all by myself? They want me to call Fuji and pay money to set it up. Any info would be helpful.


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