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  • Moving into a PDF workflow


    Just wanted to see if I can get some answers to PDF workflow systems. I'm looking at prinergy/Kodak, and Heidelberg front end systems currently. I'd like to know what your thoughts are on the 2 systems, and would you suggest something else besides these 2? We do mostly spot color and very little 4 color-process. Business cards, LH, forms, are our main print items and usually contain customer logo's, which can be intricate in their design. What should we be looking at for compatibility throughout the system? I am looking at replacing the image setting device and RIP, also the film processor. We are planning on going direct to plate at some point as well. Right now we send some jobs CTP, and output on Poly-plates. Ok, thats some of our history and what I'm hoping to find out from this thread....Thank you


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    Re: Moving into a PDF workflow

    Hi jkj

    I'm beginning on the same journey as you. Scouring the postings for opinions/facts and starting to make appointments with the sales reps for presentations.

    We impose booklets with Impostrip which is PDF based. We are currently using PSM (Creo/Kodak) and trapping, fixing,outputting to film on a Dolev 400. PSM7 uses a Postscript Level II RIP and is way outdated. We are only making 40 plates a week (we have a lot of repeat runs thankfully) but see trouble ahead as new sales efforts bring new work in the door and the complexion of our clients changes. We do a lot of spot color (small format) and spot/4c on a Speedmaster74 2c.

    How far are you in your search? Right now from what I read, it all looks like way overkill for what we do.

    Let's collaborate as we progress.


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      Re: Moving into a PDF workflow

      Yeah, at 40 plates/week outsourcing might be the best option. If you are in the S texas area I could possibly help you out, or if in the northwest William Campbell with R Graphics would be your man.

      Good luck


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        Re: Moving into a PDF workflow

        I am in a similar situation as a small shop with a Selectset 7000. I am considering the rti RIP Kit which uses the Harlequin engine v.8.

        Anyone have any experience with this or well founded opinions about this solution for upgrading older imagesetters to handle pdf files with live transparency?




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          Re: Moving into a PDF workflow

          Thankfully most all existing and new CTF/CTP devices can be set up to except 1-bit TIFF files from any frontend rip or workflow. That given you are no longer tied to the solutions provided by your CTP/CTF device manufacturer.
          I would hope you will take a look at the workflow products that EskoArtwork has to offer. We are fully PDF and do work with live transparencies. We also have great editing and layout tools, and offer a high degree of automation and scalability.
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