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  • Rampage Remote

    My company is upgrading to Rampage 10.5 and considering the Remote add-on, which is a considerable additional expense. It sounds great, but sometimes with these things the hype is a mountain and the result Death Valley. Has anyone used this system and if so, would you recommend it?

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    Re: Rampage Remote

    We use rampage remote and really love it. Our customer like the proofing and it saves us all a lot of time. Let me know if you have any further questions. We find it simple and use it all the time.



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      Re: Rampage Remote

      Thanks Aimee. I'm having a webex with Rampage tomorrow. I don't want to wear out my welcome, but I do have more questions:

      Did you find it easy to get your customers involved and actually using it? Was it easy for them to learn? (Some of ours are sophisticated, some not. ) Could you estimate what percentage of your customers use it? Was it as simple to set up as it is to use?

      Thanks for your time!



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        Re: Rampage Remote

        No problem at all.

        We have upgraded to Print Direct. The customers that use it love it. The most important part is getting your sales and customer services reps to encourage the customers to use it.

        With fast turn around jobs and with a lot of customers on macs, it's much easier for them to upload files thru print direct (rather than having to use a utility with FTP) and then soft proof. They have one password for everything.

        One of the ways we got our customers hooked was using it for alteration pages. Then they start asking if they can proof their whole job. Also with several customers, we let them do a quick round of proofs this way, then send them the hard copy proofs until they are more comfortable.

        Hope this helps.



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          Re: Rampage Remote

          Easy to set up and use, works pretty much as advertised - however, some time ago the Mac OS 10.4x encountered an issue with Java that broke any ICC profile support, so colour accuracy doesn't appear to be possible. Also on jobs with large page counts, the system does choke somewhat on page listing / refreshes, multiple page approvals at once etc.

          Other than that it works very well, most of our clients who use it seem to like it, the ones who regularly run large page count books find it too slow / sluggish.

          We are currently running version 1.6.3, I understand the next version is fully browser based so it will actually work with Vista ( 1.6.3 won't ) - haven't seen it yet so I don't know if the other issues are addressed in the latest version or not.


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            Re: Rampage Remote


            What exactly is Print Direct?



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