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Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

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  • Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

    New to the forum.
    I'm looking for a solution to white lines in the "spine" of imposition files.
    We rip individual pages through Rampage. 1/8" bleeds are included.
    Then, imposition work is done through Heidelberg's Signa Station.
    After creating a pdf (or even an eps out of Quark) imposition file, and
    re-rip that for plates, we often get a white hairline in the "spine" of the
    pages. So for example, where pages 1 and 16 meet in the spine. It's
    all fine if it's an inside spread that gets covered up, but not when it's
    the cover or inside spread.

    I'm looking for a solution.


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    Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

    try ripping the pages single raster (2400). that should take care of your problems.


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      Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

      And to save time, just re-rip the affected pages.



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        Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

        I never heard of Imposing with Signa and not processing with Meta - interesting.
        Are the items that are being divided with a "white space" images or native art blocks.
        If you are seeing an white line produced by "image blocks"
        make sure the "background" of the image block is set to "None".
        Quark defaults to a White photo box background
        and the white box traps to the butting art and creates a white line.
        (A common Rampage (and others) trapping issue)



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          Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

          You can safely remove those offending white boxes Quark adds when it flattens the file in Acrobat. I have found a few that were a PITA to do but using a combination of Pit Stop and InDesign to recompose those Quark PDF's, has been my workflow since Quark 7 came out.


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            Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

            I had the same issue at one time and talked to Rampage about it. Unknown to most is the fact you can adjust the accuracy of Preps by changing
            a couple of lines in the config file. I can't remember exactly which ones now because its been so long, but give Rampage a call and they can help.


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              Re: Rampage_White Lines In Imposition Files

              We get these white lines every so often. Generally we get them when rotating items in PREPS. We still have not figured out how to get rid of them. Re- RIP does not also do the trick. Baffles the mind- always on the job that is due tomorrow


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                This can be fix if you turnoff the dual rasterizacion on the profile,this work for Rampage.


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                  We have them too coming out of preps. We can just move the page to the gutter by 1/64th and that always seems to fix the issue. We'll have to try the dual rasterization with the profile next time. I also need to give Rampage a call and see about those lines of code.

                  It does always happen when press is waiting and since you can't see it on the screen, it's always a wasted plate which is a shame.


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                    I have also used the page position workaround that Aimee has used. In addition, I have written some pages as spreads (page 4 and 5 of an 8 pager) and RIPped as a single larger page, this also eliminates the "white lines". I will try to remember the dual rast fix for next time. I am using Preps and Rampage.


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                      I have had that same problem in RAMpage using JDF imposition in Dynastrip. The only solution I've found was turning off Dual-raster and/or pre-rotating the file before ripping it. It's a crapshoot sometimes. I could swear there is someone messing with me when I get this problem.


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