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Cheese not ripping today...but bound up....

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  • Cheese not ripping today...but bound up....

    What's the deal with Havarti Cheese anyways?....where does it come from? and how does it fit in my ROOM/NORM it JDF compliant?

    Ha, first post....I win

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    Re: Cheese not ripping today...but bound up....

    I actually find cheddar runs through RAMpage much better

    I finally got around to installing 10.4 yesterday, haven't had much time to play around with it, but like the layout of the new client, really keeps things more condensed


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      Re: Cheese not ripping today...but bound up....

      have you tried some hearty bread? that usually helps things pass through a bit better
      Prinergy seems to work well with a crusty French Loaf

      Havarti is semi-soft Danish cow's milk cheese named after the experimental farm on which it was first made in the mid 1800s.

      Havarti is an interior-ripened cheese that is rindless, smooth and slightly bright-surfaced with a cream to yellow color depending on type. It has very small and irregular openings ("eyes") distributed in the mass. The texture (also depending on type) can be supple and flexible.

      Havarti has a buttery aroma and can be somewhat sharp in the stronger varieties, much like Swiss cheese. The taste is buttery, and from somewhat sweet to very sweet, and it is slightly acidic. It is typically aged about three months, though when the cheese is older it becomes more salty and tastes like hazelnut. When left at room temperature the cheese tends to soften quickly.

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