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Techsage Spinjet 4000 and RAMpage RIP'ing system- Skewing and distortion

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  • Techsage Spinjet 4000 and RAMpage RIP'ing system- Skewing and distortion

    I'm looking for insight, opinions or alternatives to using Techsage's Spinjet 4000 with our RamPage RIP'ing system.

    Issue: skewing and distortion
    Both issues relate to mechanical problems on the device: one directly related to the HP printer (length distortion).
    The other issue relates to skewing (which of course relates to the Spinjet arm).
    Currently we are using two different Spinjet devices. One is the 1050 Spinjet (which under ideal humidity prints symmetrically, and without any skewing).
    The other, of course is the Spinjet 4000, which prints distorted vertically, or parallel to the substrate roll direction, and fails to backup square (there is always skewing).
    Techsage's workaround for mechanical shortfalls on the 4000 is a software program called Spinflow.
    Anyone see where I'm headed yet? I know you're out there.

    You see, Spinflow has the ability to skew and/or distort the problematic side. THIS FIXES THE SYMPTOMS AND NOT THE CAUSE..
    Techsage used to support printing backed-up proofs through Rampage. This was Pre-Spinflow.
    Now, they do not support proofing to the Spinjet 4000 through Rampage.
    Aside from being a bad idea to distort a digital file (which is the exact same file that will be used for plating), using Spinflow is cumbersome and adds an additional step to our once streamlined proofing system.

    Any thoughts?

    CPS Printing

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    Re: Techsage Spinjet 4000 and RAMpage RIP'ing system- Skewing and distortio

    Ouch. I feel for you.
    My background on this...
    I use Rampage, HP 1050 w/ the spinjet unit. Everything has worked great for years. shortly after install, we had a few issues and the first thing Techsage recommended was spinflow. This made no sense to me because I figured the issue was mechanical. we never did use spinflow.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the HP printer (length distortion)"
    if the HP has mechanical issues, you'll need a HP tech in.

    I can also tell you (depending on where you're located) G.E. Richards graphic supply repairs HP units and may be of help with your spinjet as well. If you need their #, LMK.


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