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Problems unloading plates on Screen PT-R 8600

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  • Problems unloading plates on Screen PT-R 8600

    Hello PrintPlanet community.

    I have a Screen Plate Rite PT-R 8600 which after imaging the plate, then the path descend and the machine get the leading clamps, then the drum get back the plate faster than normal and crashing the plate on the plate load roller. Sometimes, instead off get back the plate fast, the servo motor remains stopped some seconds, and then it runs back faster than normal crashing the plate.

    Another thing is, when the machine fails unloading, the uploading is not normal.
    First, the machine descends the path, then it puts and attached the plate on leading edge clamps, then it would run slow the drum to the scanning servo position, but it runs faster than normal and it passed the sensor, for that reason it stops and back to the sensor and then, it continues loading the plate. If it happens, it unloads the plate bad.

    Yesterday at night, I uploaded a plate, and then I tried to print, and it says:
    E6165: The drum is rotated to "lead clamp position but status of Servo Controller (SVC) is not changed to ready"

    In another try it says: E4180: Drum does not start rotating at high-speed.

    For that reason I performed some DRUM TESTS:

    If I try to make DRUM TESTS, it respond good to the SLOW option, the SERVO ON/OFF and the BRAKE ON/OFF, but if I try to use the FAST test, it says that not to recognize the BLOWER, and request to turn off/on the blower after 10 seconds and check the cables. I did it, but this issue continues.

    Checking the manual, it says that if I have problems with the INVERTER of the blower, it can produce problems on the drum, but I am not sure if the problem is located there, because when I performed in MANTEINANCE MODE a ROTATION test from 300 to 900 RPM, after 850 RPM it presents a FLOATING problem.

    On the other hand, it's possible that this machine can print some plates, and then it will fail.

    If someone have any idea, I would like somebody help me!!!
    I know these symptoms are very extrange, but all affects the speed and the function of the servo motor.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tony Blanco
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    Finally I resolved the problem some days ago.
    A relay that controls the brake system sometimes fails, the machine lose the synchronization and make all the errors related above.

    The ralay is an OMRON G4W-11123T-US-TV8-24VDC, but it seems it is obsolete. I wonder if someone knows where can I buy some of them.

    Thanks in advance.



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      Hi Tony

      Few days before we had the same problem for the first time. Your post help us a lot. Do you find relay replacement. We are asking OMRON about this type of relay but still no answer.

      Thank you again for the post.


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        This spare part (PTR 8600 Relay for Brake) was exchanged by Screen because OMRON discontinued the electronic device. The new part number is: 100090068V00 instead of: 151162 and you can buy it at Bob Weber Inc. in USA.

        Tony Blanco


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          Hello, Tony!

          We have Fuji T9000 (PT-R8600) and one electric board doesn't work, it doesn't make any response, no any information from it. All the parameters show "0" (null).
          Seems the software is cracked.. We suppose maybe we will need these files to download the software:
          1) 64chwrite.exe
          2) 64ch_v203.MOT
          3) 64ch_v121.MOT

          How can we diagnose the board?
          Or where we can get these files to download?

          Will be very thankful to receive any comments and help on this problem.

          P.S: I have attached the board photo
          Изображение 002.jpg
          Изображение 004.jpg
          Изображение 006.jpg
          my e-mail is:
          skype: ha-pooh


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