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  • CIP3_TF4_Heidelberg Press

    We're having a problem that the trueflow guys aren't helping with.
    They haven't even gotten back to me to say there's no solution, and
    they're normally a great support team. I don't mean to insult them, this must have them stuck,
    or they don't want to change anything; I don't know.
    Here it is:
    We just started CIP3, TF's version. When we send it out the the Heidelberg
    software it doesn't go into the right columns and doesn't give us other info.
    Here's what we get: "job name" and "date"
    What the column are: status/job#/sheet name/job name/creation date

    We ran a huge job last week; they couldn't tell what form they were choosing
    by the name. They had to look at the preview.

    Has anyone found a code they're using? we use %j%o%F.ppf

    Anyone? Is anyone using a third party company?

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    Re: CIP3_TF4_Heidelberg Press

    Hi Rande, I do not use this system myself just trying to help. Can you not see what info columns you need from a test job on the press end and work backwards supplying that info string?

    The only connection between my trueflow and the speedmaster is a very thin "Wire my plates not ready!!" Lols.

    Hope you get it sorted mate.



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      Re: CIP3_TF4_Heidelberg Press

      Hi Rande

      I am using Printflow grade software i recommended to bay it easy to use.

      Tray to use this %filename%!%signature%%surface%.%color%.ppf ( fore direct outpoot )
      %imposition%.%signature%%surface%.%color%.ppf ( fore imposition )


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        Re: CIP3_TF4_Heidelberg Press

        Hello Rande. We use TF4 and we use Perreta FS2500 v1.11 for our cip3 info. No problems. The code in Trueflow that we use is %j_%o_%f.ppf


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          This is a "special" system setting that only a TF engineer can adjust. It doesn't have anything to do with the %J%O%F info as when the PPF data is generated there is info inside the file that tell the JOB CODE and JOB NAME to go into specific fields.
          I had this explained to me but because its a special system setting they couldn't show me how it was done.

          Hope this helps and maybe refer them to this article and it will jog there memory.


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          Presswise Article


          Automated Order Status Tracking
          In PressWise Workflow Solution

          Presswise order status
          Quick overview of the order status tracking feature on PressWise’s automated workflow solution

          Link to Video

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