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Trueflow 2.2 change color order

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  • Trueflow 2.2 change color order

    Hi we have a small problem about color ordering on trueflow 2.2 system , we shoot from an apogee that process data this way cyan,magenta,yellow,black but trueflow want black,cyan,magenta,yellow,black, these causing us some headaches and I would like to change trueflow to use the same way has apogee butI can't find the truflow manual and from the apogee manual this can't be done from tis side. Some Idea? and/or Trueflow manual?


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    Re: Trueflow 2.2 change color order

    Hello Keven. We are using TF4 so I don't know if this will help. If you can find where your plate tickets are stored select 1 and click to edit. In TF4 we dbl click the Rip for Rec icon and scroll down to output color setting. Highlight a color and use the arrows to arrange the order any way you need. Save it and any time you use this ticket the plates will come out in the order you selected. Like I said in the beginning this is how we do it in TF4. There should be a help icon (in TF4 it is a question mark) located in any of the menus in TF. I hope this helps.


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