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  • Trap Issue

    We got a PDF from a client. A poster: a tiff placed on a pantone background.
    We tried everthing and it just wouldn't trap.
    Any ideas. We don't what the native apps were.

    TrueFlow 3.12 patch 205

    Also while I'm at it. We had a job, QX7; I make ps files and distill them. This has only happened this one time.
    But I ran a proof that looked fine, its something we did last year in Qx6.
    this time when I went to plates it dropped 10% off of the plates.
    Any ideas here. I've ruled out distiller settings 'cause the proof looked good. Something happened going to plates.
    I don't understand the whole process but a profile or something dropping off in the end.
    I'm going to call TF tech on this, but if anyone has feedback on this I'd a ppreciate it.

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    Re: Trap Issue

    Hi Rande,

    Regarding your question about Qx7 and Qx6, one of our customers recently had a similar issue with these 2 versions. Unfortunately I cannot remember right at the moment what the exact details were, but I can say that we narrowed it down to a colour management difference between Qx6 and Qx7 - they treat RGB to CMYK conversion differently. Are there RGB images in the document?

    Not sure if this is any help, but perhaps you can look down this path?



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      Re: Trap Issue


      Is the tiff separate from the background? If it's a tiff with a spot channel you'll have to trap in Photoshop.

      Is the background also a CT file of some kind? If so you may have to go into TrapEditor and apply the trap manually. At least in the older versions of TrueFlow, CT to CT traps wouldn't happen automatically - although TrueFlow is capable of trapping CT to CT.



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        Re: Trap Issue

        Please send me the file to arthurmichele(at)hotmail[dot]com

        and when i am not busy i will look at this problem

        and get back to you I will see if my Trueflow Works.

        Please tell me what you are looking for , and i will do my best



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