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    Quick question...

    I work in the world of Flexo.

    My ink technician tells me if I put PMS371 on a 600 anilox, it will never come out to be a full PMS371 and will always look light no matter how much he tones the ink.
    He says that we will only be able to use 300 anilox to get darker colors to come in.

    I am just looking for a second opinion.

    Thanks for any help you may provide.

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    Listen to your ink technician he is correct. You need to do a 'Banded Anilox' test to determine the correct anilox needed for your application.

    Some bedtime reading for you Good luck
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      Thank you so much for this info, Cornishpastythighs.

      When he told me this, it made sense.
      It was just after years, I have never been told this info in that way and just wanted to make sure.
      add to that, that 99.999% of our jobs are on 300 anilox. So I've never really been told that we can't hit a standard color. until today.

      Once again thanks.


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