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Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

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  • Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

    I've been offered a Ryobi 3304H four colour potrait SRA3 press for a very, very low price as the owner is emigrating. I've got the 2 colour version of this and despite the terrible dampening system, it is a good machine.
    What are the opinions of 3304 owners with regards to their machines? Are they reliable and do they produce consistent hi-quality 4 colour work?
    I've got 2 weeks to make up my mind over this so thanks in advance for all input.

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    Re: Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

    What kind of coverage are you running? My opinion is that you aren't gaining
    any kind of improved imaging, but you can save press time vs. a 3302. I'm not
    a huge fan of the 3302's coverage capabilities (poor after about 6 or 7 inches
    of sheet). It's very dependent on the operator, water system and the maintenance
    on the press. Those are just the basic considerations that come to mind.


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      Re: Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

      The 3304 is an excellent machine. If you install a Crestline water system you will have a DI Buster! I service 2 3304's and many 3302H's and the customers are like happy and satisfied. Both run poly plates and are up to color in 4 sheets. Register is excellent etc.
      Plus you will have no dull waterless ink look or DI Crack and fold issues. The original water system on that press is a nightmare so get a few thousand $$$$ off and buy a real water system.

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        Re: Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

        does anyone happen to have a pdf from the 3304HA?
        if so, please mail


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          Re: Is Ryobi 3304H a good 4 colour press?

          Make sure that the press is de-installed and re-installed by a qualified Ryobi technician. The press comes from the factory comes in two sections (feeder, units one and two, then units three, four and delivery) and must NEVER be lifted in one piece as twisting of the frame and future gear damage may result.


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            What's the different between a 1997 version of the 3304 and 1998 version?


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              If it is the same sheet size as a 3302 you wont be able to run two up work and flop with color bars and registration marks. I believe max impression area is 17.25 inches. Defiantly can not do two up with a bleed and color bars.


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                no, don't buy it. 3304H is not even bearer to bearer design. I should call this machine a duplicator not a press, the learning curve of this machine is too long, your pressman has to be very experienced, plus like offset guy said, the original water system is a nightmare.


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                  I would like to let you see on the pictures, the impression grippers is difference between Ryobi 3302H and Ryobi 3304H, but I can't send the pictures.
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