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Quality control checks and balances question

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  • Quality control checks and balances question

    What kind of things do you do in your pressroom to assure the job gets printed right the first time and minimize reprints?

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    Re: Quality control checks and balances question

    First you need to know what your customer or ad rep is looking for.
    Sometimes just because the ink is even and the skin tones are correct does not mean the customer is looking at the same things.
    Proofs checked by the customer before the job goes to the press helps.


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      Re: Quality control checks and balances question

      Hi Pworlledge,

      The are various way to achieve the result you are after and all mostly involve the re-training of your Minder/press guys, We use a QC (quality control) form with each job, a series of checks that every job has to go through before plates are put on. From checking the paper for the given job is in the building to are the correct Pantones/Process colo(u)rs are on the job ticket. Then on-press checks with the Final Mock Up proof and sign offs. Our form covers Pre-press and finishing too and is handy to track the people involved on a job.

      I will email you a copy of this form as I am sure it would help you. Its amazing what results you can get when somebody has to sign to say they have checked something.

      I am not sure if this is what you were after or a more detailed technical view.....densitomitor readings...colour profiles, but i find most customers are ok if there are no Low rez images and the spelling is correct

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        Re: Quality control checks and balances question

        This is the kind of responses I'm looking for. Assuming the customer approves the proofs after that point what kind of checks and balances/accountability is happening in the pressroom. Thanks for your response(s)


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          Re: Quality control checks and balances question


          Obviously traditional preflighting
          Is it what you quoted - how many colours etc.
          Do you have to allow for shingling
          Special trapping due to metallics
          have you seperated the die cutting forme (you know the thing)
          the list goes on and on (Its part of our MIS system)

          what imposition to use
          can you print it as you quoted it - if not - why and who pays for it.
          You will have sorted out standrad house imposition templates - all others get the bindery to check - pre press just dont want to take that responsibiliy.

          Proof to client - proofs should be certified with a label to say that it is in stardard - then you dont need them back .

          When job is approved - now it gets real - the Job Description should be nailed - no ifs and buts.

          THE GATEKEEPER (my term)
          At this point I have a solid production man - called the Gatekeeper - all jobs go through this (in fact its two people)
          Check for instructions
          Make sure paper specification is correct and quantity correct
          Sort special inks out
          Clear the contents of the job bag (decrapp it) get rid of the rubbish- from now on all we want are proofs or a previous copy to match.
          I dont want a previous copy and instructions to run to stnadard densities - I want one instruction.
          All jobs have a small A3 Xerox imposed proof produced and they are backed up(two srtapled together)
          He also completes an OKP (OKPress) sheet) - on this we state
          what screening is to be used
          what standard we are printing the job to.
          Any special instructions regarding clients colour
          ( this is part of our MIS system so it can be carried forward to reprints )
          Plates are then output and checked against the proofs - and proofs wrapped around each set of plates.
          Paper is clearly identidied and close to the press ready to be printed.
          The printer goes to the press scheduling board - sees his next jobs, gets his plates and sorts his paper.
          99% of the jobs we run is to ISO so he just gets to standard ink densities and then checks the grey balance patch and prints it.

          All our work is coated in line so we dont have to worry about set off or marking when we turn the job over.

          The press man signs the pass sheet and writes the denisties and 50% tint values on the pass sheet (just to prove he has looked at it)

          All waste should either be marked or removed.

          The isuues we have (vary rare but it does happen.)

          Job gets imposed for saddlestitching instead of perfect binding

          Jobs get work and turned instead of work and tumbled.

          We run to the wrong atandard ( CSR didnt tell anyone )

          Didnt print enough overs ( usual one)

          But I print about 1000 sets of colour a months and in context the problems I get are very small.

          I think you have to get the job started correctly and if in doubt get the pressroom and bindery involved- and it all flows - Always though record problems and review them



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            Re: Quality control checks and balances question

            Also I print virtually everything Stacatto - which I see you run - the stability of colour through out the run is fantastic



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              Re: Quality control checks and balances question

              Hi Peter,
              You call your production guy "Gatekeeper".
              What about the "Approvinator"?
              It's part of the description of the latest JDF version.
              An important role in any printing plant where quality is essential.


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                Re: Quality control checks and balances question

                Approvinator"? where did that come from - I made up GateKeeper as he is the only way that jobs can get into production so he controls the gate. In my market job specifications keep changing all the time and the only time that you can really sit down and look at them is when ithey have been approved. I used to say there is not such thing as us and them in my company - but them (sales and pre press) sit on the other side ofr the wall (bless them):-)



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                  Re: Quality control checks and balances question

                  Approvinator [seems a mix of approver and terminator! :-)] is the official decision point in a JDF workflow.
                  The tasks are described in detail and the decision process is subdivided in several blocks.
                  As soon as the new workflows based on the latest JDF 1.3 version are released you will find the "approvinator" in these systems.
                  You described in detail why that person on such a delicate position is extremely important to manage your process and to keep the highest quality. In JDF-workflows the software approvinator module makes decisions and allows your approvinator (or gatekeeper) to make his decisions.
                  JDF without standards such as ISO 12647-2 is impossible.


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                    Re: Quality control checks and balances question


                    I live in a small town near Swindon (near Oxford) and a friend of mine is the Assistant Church Clock Winder - I have always thoght that is the job title for me - I could always look up to the Clock Winder ( well he had to climb the ladder :-) but now "Approvinator" thats for me . When I go to America - at passport control they will love it.:-)



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