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  • St. Ives Peterborough

    Hi All,

    Did anyone else get affected by the St. Ives Peterborough fire?

    I'm really struggling with them regarding their contingencies and was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues?


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    Re: St. Ives Peterborough

    I am sorry I missed this. what happened


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      Re: St. Ives Peterborough

      One of the M850's at St. Ives Peterborough caught Fire. I had a job due to deliver 3rd Jan, but their promised contingency, in my opinion, was not there as they offered a delivery 6 weeks late in Mid Feb.

      Different St. Ives personnel have told me different stories on the fire, quoting different days/dates and I have heard (via a print engineer) that the fire actually occurred 2 weeks earlier and that St. Ives just did not tell their client base. At this point I am not sure what's true and what's not.

      6 weeks late was just not acceptable so I had to move the job, but this caused additional expense. Whilst I appreciate T&C's, I would have expected St. Ives to value my custom enough to make some offer of compensation.

      They are now saying that they cannot produce my future jobs unless I change the size of the publication (currently A5) to make it narrower and that no compensation will be forthcoming.

      I know I am a low margin client, and would have had more respect if they said that they were prioritising the client base and I was a low priority due to margins, but they tried to spin it and said that they felt 6 weeks late was an acceptable contingency - I simply do not agree.

      I was wondering who else was affected and how?


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        Re: St. Ives Peterborough

        Considering the size of St Ives and the fact they have other printers spread across the country I would have thought that spreading to the group would be a contingency option for them


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          Re: St. Ives Peterborough

          I am sorry I cant offer to help - 3 B2 presses in Newbury just wont do the job fast enough. :-)

          I would give the BPIF a ring they will have list - from what you say moving it to sheetfed on Long Perfectors with cut stars may take to long



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