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Premature Roller wear!

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  • Premature Roller wear!

    Brand new 40" 6 color press runs high speeds around the clock experiencing roller pitting on the ends after about 1 million impressions also excessive picture framing on blankets and impression cylinders mainly Magenta Unit

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    Re: Premature Roller wear!

    Dear Print Guy,
    Please check: 1. size of pigment (magenta), eg.3-5 micron using grindometer, 1. check the compound type of rollers it's compatible with ink , fount, speed(consult with press manuf.), 3. check nip roller as manual books, 4. temperatur ink roller (help by chiller fount solution). 4. preventif maintenance (min 3 months or 1 million period/couple), 5, type of washes (% alipathic contain, ideally 100%, but problem in the cleaning power ), May it's help you..


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      Re: Premature Roller wear!

      See below

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        Re: Premature Roller wear!

        HI there,

        there could be many causes to your problems but i will try too keep it brief any you can pick any points which you find relevent. The roller pitting may be as above stated either chemical wear, too much preassure or poor quality rollers. If its a new press who supplied the rollers? bottcher are awesome and last, there all i will print with if i get the choice. Re post any more info on that and i will get back to you if you dont rectify this.

        The picture framing your experiencing mainly on the magenta but also on the other units suggests a chemical problem, if magenta is worse then its usually a fount issue. I guess you checked conductivity and found it is in a reasonable tollerance? how is you PH? you could be running to alkaline and not desensitising the non image areas. check form rollers for movement laterally in there journals and stocks. If there oscillating then this causes background tinting which will lead to picture framing.

        If your sure your press is ok then check plates are correctly developed, try deleting a 1 inch square of non image area, clean with water and see if there is a difference, we get this when the developer needs re-newing.

        If these two problems are linked it could be that the damping form rolllers are set to hard to the plates, The last point is listed above and it is due to contamination of the rollers/fount this could be caused by to volatile a cleaning agent or by wash up soloutions/oils entering into the roller train. check all wash up devices for leaks and check that the chemicals are not overley strong. Wash up the rollers and spray tap water in to them, does a white soloution appear in the nip? if so try spraying hot water on after washups to close the pours of the rollers



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          Re: Premature Roller wear!

          First of all Thank you for the replies, This is my first post and I must have Registered incorrectly, with that being said Print Guy is now printguy1!
          I agree with you on the rollers, Bottcher is what is being used! settings have been checked all looks good even lighted up a small amout.
          First step is to switch to new fountain.
          As you know 1 thing at a time so we can determine what the problem is!

          Thank again I will keep you posted



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