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Need suitable printing machine

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  • Need suitable printing machine

    We got an idea of buying a new offset machine for the following requirement,

    Product: Tabloid size News Paper
    Pages: 16
    Colors: 4
    Required copies: 5000/day

    We need to produce two newspapers in similar fashion.

    Please advise me the suitable printing machine for my requirement.

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    Re: Need suitable printing machine

    Dear Daniel,
    With 16 pages of tabloids, 5000 copies a day, we think you can choose two units web offset (4 hi towers), with single width single circum. If you want someday using a coated paper for Cover, you can dedicated 1 tower using UV ink (similar hybrid press) just using UV Lamp above the unit. For folder you can choose broadsheet and tabloid. But if someday you need for magazine or comics production, you can choose Double pararel and Quarter fold, but it make the speed be low than standard. For registration and Inking system you can choose closed loop system (integration desk and unit). Please choose shaft less drive system for ability preparation (plate installation), but make sure the synchronize speed beetween units, folder, mailrooms working well. Hope it help you..


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      Re: Need suitable printing machine

      job it out. 2 papers a day. unless it is a very proffittable paper, just the labor will get you. unless you have other work to put on it.


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        Re: Need suitable printing machine

        In my opinion, your requirements are not enough to justify the purchase of equipment, employees, etc.


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          Re: Need suitable printing machine

          Goss will sell you a one around 4-std or 8-tab unit for about $70/K . Problem is you'll need 3 more for 4/4 color plus the folder at about $125/K. So now you can print an 8-tab. Say you need 16 tab you'll need 8 units. Why stop at a 16-tab go for 24 by adding 4 more units it's only $70/K each.

          You'll need some one with enough experience to run the press as well as some one to fly and hope they never want to go on vacation. You say they want a vacation you'll need two press operators and two fly people.

          Yes job the run out. Just the cost of the press operators will run you more than jobbing the run out.

          We have two 4/4 towers as well as 4 mono for a total of 12-units. With 3 operators and myself. Two fly people no room for a stacker. Our Goss Community will run at 18,500 pph.

          A 5,000 run will be on the press for less than a half hr. With the two runs your talking about that's 2 hr a week? What are you going to tell the press operators after the two runs. Come back next week for another 2 hr run?

          Job the runs out save a bundle.

          J Wilson
          Tracy Ca


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            Old Chandler & Price with Kluge feeder

            I have recently acquired a 12 x 18 C&P with a Kluge feeder and foil draw for foil stamping. I also need to do some short run die cutting, scorring & perforating from time to time. Does any one have any good information about the correct adjustments of the feeder unit for dependable feeding? We have instaled a good vacuum/pressure pump to get good pick up ability, but the succers appear to run too close to the feed table, and I think there is probably a lot of small adjustments that they would have made in the old days. Does any one go back that far? Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.


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