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  • GTO 52-4P

    Would welcome comments from the community regarding several concerns:
    *A)* What would be an acceptable run length for this press considering that the make ready time is an issue?
    *B)* What should I look out for with respect to the dampening system?
    *C)* Are there any characteristics or quirks about this press?

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    Re: GTO 52-4P


    (C) first. If you are doing a lot of 2 Clr 2 Sides then the GTO4P is a good purchase because you will print 2 over 2 ( Perfecting ) So even with average M/R it is still going to be quicker than an SM52 2.

    The downside of the GTO4P is that the bearing setup in the perfecting is under engineered, so the perfecting unit is known to fail big time ( approx $2k to $4k fix ). The straight 4 is solidly engineered.

    Auto plate on the QM and SM Series machines is great. GTO'S will take a lot more plate alignment between jobs. ( Clamps are not fixed on the GTO )

    And they are slow @ 8,000 - 10,000 iph ( We run between 5k and 7k ) compared to the SM Series at 14,000 to 16,000 iph.

    My tip, if you are looking at the GTO52 4.Also look at the GTO52 5 then you can coat ( varnish ) on the run and increase the quality of the work.

    (B) We have both Alcolor and Varn Kompac Systems. The Varn system is simple, easy to maintain and gives excellent dampening but it does require a bit more cleaning during a washup.

    When we first used the Alcolor I was not that impressed. Chilling unit, plumbing, sensors all over the place and the alcohol plus fount solution look overkill compared to the Varn. It does work well, but it can be a pain to setup and maintain settings.

    The Alcolor washes up with the inking system, a time saver.

    (A) The economic run length from the GTO4 to the SM52 2 (?) is different for all types of work. You would have to use a formula something like....

    M/R + Runtime = Job

    Say a 10,000 4 Clr 2 Sided Job setup to work and turn on a GTO4. 5000 Run x 2

    40 mins M/R + 2hrs R/T = 160mins. (5,000iph)

    Same Job on an SM52 2

    20 mins M/R + 20 mins washup + 20 mins M/R + approx 65 mins R/T = 115 mins (10,000iph)

    The main thing in goIng from a small operation ie 1 & 2 Clr Machines to 4 Clr is overheads. Everthing increases, Stock, Consumables, Wages?? Output, Frieght etc.

    KEEP YOUR OVERHEADS LOW and you will be happy with your decision.

    Hope this helps



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      Re: GTO 52-4P


      Thank you for such a "complete" response. I was not aware of most of what you wrote. The press from H would come with a Royce recirc system....any opinion on this? My Heidelberg sales person took me to a shop to see one in action..... more "seeing" than "action" but for our budget this seems to be the most logical choice (if I can get it at my price). The shop was using a Dimensions 400 (Press_____) but after extensive research I have decided to go with another manufacturer. It is my understanding that the plates from PSTK are not very "cooperative" with the larger machines. I will consider purchasing a pre-owned press if things do not work out with heidelberg ..... what are your thoughts on this?


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        Re: GTO 52-4P

        I think the Royce Recirc Dampening System is the same or very similar to the Baldwin Dampening System ( Also a Recirc System ), but I have no knowledge of the Royce.

        It's not so much the mixing, chilling and recirculating as the metering rollers, water pans and adjustment at the machine is where you want performance.

        If the unit cannot meter alcohol and chill in extreme conditions ( 35 degress+ ) then it's not worth toying with. If anyone else has experience..... anyone....anyone.....



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          Re: GTO 52-4P

          I found it very helpful to post my concerns......after some consideration I decided that the GTO 52-4 was not for me (at any price).......I have decided to narrow my choice to either the SM52-2 or the Komori Lithrone....leaning more towards the Komori.


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            Re: GTO 52-4P


            Hiedy and Komari are great machines. Have you considered a Sakurai?


            They also are very well built and nice machines.

            I am happy to see you are staying with a real printing press and not waterless or toner copier. Your customers will be happy also with the price and quality you provide.

            Best of luck


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              Re: GTO 52-4P

              We own a GTO52-4. The machine technically is trouble free but if you are looking for short run jobs better get a machine with more automation. Make ready is very slow and needs a very good printer to get the best out of the machine due to the small ink rollers. If you are on a budget well it is a good machine...


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