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Problem with GTO-4 register

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  • Problem with GTO-4 register


    We've had this machine since 1998, it has been a problem free machine till now.
    After making ready and runing the job, the last color is shifting for about 1mm and we have to register again,
    we have to do this sometimes more than twice until the machine decides to settle down.
    Heidelberg guys came in and changed couple of small parts but nothing changed.
    Anybody has had this or have an idea what it could be?

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    Re: Problem with GTO-4 register

    Check your clamps on the last unit - could be the plate moving either in the clamp grip or the clamp itself is moving around.


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      Re: Problem with GTO-4 register

      Thanks amsman1,

      We got new guys to check out the machine, and they said the problem come from the bar that holds the clamps, at the end of it, at the attachement point there is a kind off "roll bearing" that is probably now thiner because of friction, it hadn't been well greased. This "roll bearing" has no "small balls" inside it is a friction kind so it might fault when it is not well greased. ( Excuse my english cause I don't really know the technical terms of these parts). I hope that this is the problem as they are working on it right now.



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        Re: Problem with GTO-4 register

        the plate clamps on the gto were bad that way. if you look at the 3rd party parts people they sell gto clamps for that reason.
        water gets in the clamps and rusts them out.. if the blanket is over pack that would make the problem worse.

        it could be a gripper bar going out. the transfer between the storage drum and the imp cyl went out on us. the damn dds damps if not set perfectly would drip on it. barings would rust and start to wobble. at first over greasing will help but then it is time for a new gripper bar or atleast some barings.


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          Re: Problem with GTO-4 register

          It is the gripper bar, good call, and all what you said happened, DDS drips on the bar and becomes rusted...
          Thank you


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            Re: Problem with GTO-4 register

            super, glad to help.

            I can not for the life of me understand why heidelberg ever decide not to just put alcolor on every machine. dds on the gto has gone through like 4 minor revisions. they have made changes to alcolor over what 30 years, but they have seemed to have alcolor pretty well worked out since 1995.


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