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What Service Models do you have?

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  • What Service Models do you have?


    I'm a student from Europe and working on a paper about Service-models in Printing.
    (especially interested in Heidelberg/ KBA/ MAN Roland/ Ryobi/Komori)

    What kind of models do you have, and from which company? Do you have any specials, such as 24/7 technicians or free spare parts? Do operators fix a lot themselves? How is the maintenance?
    What do you pay? Are you happy with it? How often is your digital press down, and according to that how often a month does a technician have to come? What would you change/ what would you add/ what do you miss?

    I'd be really grateful for ANY kind of information or thoughts.... My job is it to find out how service-strategies play out and what the consumers think of it...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: What Service Models do you have?

    I have a Ryobi 3302M and a service contract through Presstek as the local Ryobi deal does NOT offer service contracts. The contract includes all parts and labor excluding soft rubber rollers (because they wear anyway). They require you to do the recommended maintenance which isn't bad, a few oil and grease squirts, and just don't abuse it. We pay $924 quarterly for our contract. The service could be better. I think there is a lack of technicians in the area and the training could be better. We can place calls 24 hours a day buy pay for the call after 5pm. The contract also includes four preventative maintenance calls a year.

    We're considering not renewing it. There are many pressmen that repair and maintain their own machines. I worked at a place where they said there were two kinds of pressmen: those who can print well and those who can fix their presses. It's hard to find one that's good at both.

    That being said, I think a service contract's worth is dependent on the machine and the company that services it. We first got ours because our machine had problems all the time and a technician said we'd probably save some money by taking out a contract. We were looking into a DI and the service contract on that was $18,000 a year because it covers expensive lasers which is the only thing that makes it worth the contract. I think that if you generally maintain a machine pretty well, it is cheaper in the long run to not take out a service contract and pay for the few calls you need to. If you maintain the machine well, it shouldn't be down that much and thus you shouldn't need technicians there. I feel that you should get free service on a new machine for like three years or so. They aren't cheap and new machines don't need much repair, it's the least they can do. It's basically insurance and it only pays when you need it. I don't know if any of this is helpful or not but you did say ANY information or thoughts...good luck.


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      Re: What Service Models do you have?

      You pay Pre$$tek that much per quarter? With all the techs Stresstek has let go recently you should be able to find a good guy to service for like half that cost! A typical 3302 if it is run hard may need imp. Grippers replaced for register purpose’s once a year and maybe the belts and a few other minor parts.
      As for a DI, they are like copiers. I have seen more IGENS and NEXPRESS installed in my area than DI’s. Better service and better features.
      I agree with you on the warranty of a DI. If the machine is that good they should offer 3 years on the lasers and other critical parts. A set of rollers is like $12,000.00 for the 34. The stock holders love it
      The 3304 HA/ICS with an offline aqua/UV coater rocks at a fraction of the cost.
      Why do people buy 2 CTP units hooked to a press? When one CTP system can do it all? Not to mention the proprietary issues involved. Just more junk shoved down the consumer’s throats I guess in order to save the planet.

      IMHO only,


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        Re: What Service Models do you have?

        Yeah well good help is hard to find. Prior to taking out a contract with Presstek we had a couple local guys servicing our machine. One of them "helped" us sell our old Itek camera when we upgraded to ctp (by "helped" I mean took it and said he'd sell it and give us the money, we never heard from him again) and the other guy was cheap but lousy. I haven't been able to find any other independent service techs, so when you get that website up and running, let me know. I've also been unable to find a service manual for the 3302, so you've got any advice on that, too.


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