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  • Light Fast Ink

    Hello all, I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience printing with Light Fast Permanent Inks on SBS board. What i would like to know is if you find it consistent from run to run and if you find that it prints dirtier than conventional inks, do you have trouble with dot gain or density across a sheet. I am asking this to find out how a Gracol7 fingerprint will work with this ink.

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    Re: Light Fast Ink

    The Magenta and the Yellow are the only two colors that require special pigments to make it permanent. Ink companies recommend the full set so that the tack is graded to get better trap efficiency. Yes the magenta will be dirtier and the yelow will be more opaque. The yellow being more opaque will make trapped colors dirty. Some ink formulations are too thick and might not transfer as regular KCMY. There are light fast inks that have good flow. Please email me privately, i can recommed a good set. Any how I do not recommend finger printing a press for color management purpose with LF inks because the hue is different on the Magenta and yellow and the gary balance will not be "neutral".
    Hope this helps
    George John


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      Re: Light Fast Ink

      George is right about the magenta and the yellow. Totally different pigments are used, like automotive grade pigments. You would also want light fast inks for fine art reproductions. But, if this press is going to be using these inks frequently, why not profile for a different ink set? Don't expect the inks to print any differently than your typical process inks. Not a commercial, just a referral, but I have had good luck with Wikoff Color in Fort Mill South Carolina. They have a lot of experience with landscape signage and plant tags.

      John Lind
      Cranberry Township, PA


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        Re: Light Fast Ink

        Thanks for your input and knowledge guys, Well we did the G7 press fingerprint and i am happy to say it worked out fine. With some tweaking to our proofer profile for this ink set we pretty much matched a real job after 2 or3 pulls.


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          Try K&E Novalux. We have had excellent results with this and all K&E inks. It should require no adjustment from you normal run.



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