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Clear film printing offset HELP

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  • Clear film printing offset HELP

    Hello everyone! I am new in this area of printing. I was using only digital. I want to expand my business and I will buy a 1 color offset press and want to print among paper, clear(transparent) Bopp(or pvc, don't know yet my customer material) labels in sheets. I would need to add one or two layers of white ink for opacity with some holes in it. Please tell me how would you do that from your professional opinion.
    Also, in this kind of offset press is it possible to determine and adjust the thickness of ink layer? If I want a layer thin and the other thicker can i do it?
    I was thinking due to the type of material that I will use(clear film) to attach an UV drier to the press and use UV curable inks.
    Please tell me your opinion and help me!
    Thank you a lot!

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    Its possible to print clear film on offset press but you need UV dryer at the end of press, you also need rollers, blankets and consumables compatible for UV inks. For ink film thickness you can increase or decrease the thickness but if you need a very thick film, you may need to double pass the sheet to get the desired results. Registration of subsequent colors will be a great issue for you. You can also use specially formulated fast drying inks for PVC substrate without the need of UV but printing this way requires a lot of skill and care. Drying time can be anywhere around 4-8 hours. Hope this helps.
    Asif Qazi


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      Hello. Thanks a lot for your answer. I know that I need to modify the machine for uv inks and i will do it. Regarding the thickness of ink layer in one pass do you know what is the range of it in microns? I think I will have to print two layers of white before colors.
      Also, should i do something special with the ink not to crack on finished product or is enough to cure it with uv?
      If i use uv inks, do i need to mix them with something or just put it in the press?
      Can i print also metallic inks with my press modified for uv ink? Little parts of design.
      Can i add matte varnish with same press after colors for protection?
      Thank you for your help and sorry if I ask too many questions but I am new in this field.
      Best regards!


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        Ink film thickness can range from 1-1.5 microns.

        Two layers of white is recommended for best results.

        No need to change ink formulation to prevent cracks.

        You can use UV inks right from the ink can, no need to mix anything.

        You can do metallic inks with the press but you will have to wash the press rollers many times to switch back to UV inks. You'll need a hybrid roller wash.

        Yes you can do the OP matte varnish.

        I hope this helps.
        Asif Qazi


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          Hi! Thanks again for answer. I was thinking at a better solution to simplify the process.
          I Am thinking to print the 2 white layers with offset add the colors with digital press and after that add the varnish with offset. Please tell me if i could do this. Should i use special white uv ink to be able to print digital on it? Please tell me if this would be a good solution. Thanks and wait for answer!
          Best regards!


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