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Prochem California Wash?

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  • Prochem California Wash?

    I usually use the Varn CA wash. This time my vendor (great western) sent me this Prochem stuff. It is very different. Its thicker and oily, and definitely not a quick drying solvent. It does have some advantages, it seems to clean better with much less volume of solvent used. It also has almost no smell at all, which is definitely a plus.

    However, if I use it to clean the ink train for a color change, the next plate I run gets scummed very badly, especially at the two edges perpendicular to the rollers. This is no matter how careful I am about getting all of it off the rollers. I think it must be contaminating something, but I can't quite figure out what. Probably the ends of the rollers, and it slowly leeches across the rollers as the press runs. It works great for blanket washes, and I don't get this scumming problem when I clean it up and leave it overnight or over the weekend. Just on same day color changes. I can't seem to find any info about this stuff online. Has anybody used it?

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    Is this new chem water miscible?
    Which press you are running.
    Try to increase the water spray quantity during wash up process if its aplicable on your press.
    Asif Qazi


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      Anything with "California" in the branding has got to be something to steer clear of :-)


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        Varn CA wash has a very low flashpoint and looking at the msds has nothing in it that would remain on the rollers to cause issues.


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          Varn California Wash is a superb product and I do not believe it is at fault, but it may not be the best choice for the ink train rollers. If you wish to effectively clean the ink train rollers, contact Great Western and ask them about Calcium Slayer & Flush.


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            If your press doesn't have auto-washers and you're using a bottle, Varn V-120 is one wash that works pretty well. Another one is GW's house blend, I can't remember exactly what they call it but it's sort of unique and it definitely works.

            It's also inexpensive...


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              He was using varn ca wash without an issue, although not a wash I’d recommend. It’s another Brand if California wash that’s caused the issues. Post up the msds of the new wash. My guess it has a high flashpoint and chemicals in it that are greasy by nature and contaminated the rollers which in turn ruins the plate. If you need a very high flashpoint wash and still want to use petroleum based, boettcher C29 is 98 deg Celsius. If you want to use a bio based product there are few and fair between that work but one particular company in USA has a great product


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                I stand corrected as I referred to the wrong wash as being the alleged culprit, my apologies. Thank you for pointing that out. My point though is that using a wash, any blanket and roller wash, may not be the most prudent choice to effectively clean ink train rollers. An old racing adage sums it up best......"You need a horse for the course."


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                  Try a last cleanup sheet with alcohol to remove some residual oil. That is likely what is causing the emulsification of the ink on the next run.


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