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  • Conveyor delivery Astro

    I have an Astro 100 conveyor delivery that I use on a Ryobi 3302 for envelopes. It worked fine for years, until now. It simply stops working after some time.
    The time it does work depends on how long it was off. So after a few days of not working it works about 40 min., it than stops, so I turn of the switch and back on, but nothing happens. But if I wait about 1 min., and then turn on the switch, it works about 30 sec.
    Did anybody have this same problem?

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    Hi Chris, I have worked on those conveyors in the past. I have had to replace the drive motor before, PC Board, Drive belt etc. Go to Astro's great website and look at the parts manual, it may help you trouble shoot the issue. Keep it simple.


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      Hello, thanks for the website, but there's no info about troubleshooting this conveyor. It looks like an electronic problem to me, so do you think I have to replace the whole PC board? How would you solve this?


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        I would unplug the machine and remove the drive belt and check for any binds or worn parts. I would plug the machine back in and watch the motor, if it failed to turn I would give the pulley a help turn. I would then use a voltmeter and using the diagram start checking for voltages as labeled. Checking switch and Pot etc. cd100-300.pdf


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          It sounds like the motor overheats and shuts down and will go again when its cool. I am not sure if it is thermally protected or not. If you can monitor the voltage as it runs and see what it does when it stops, it might give you a clue.. if the voltage goes way down, then it may be the speed control board. There is not a lot of strain on the motor as it only drives a few belts. If you disconnect the drive belt, the conveyor belts should turn by hand without much strain. If it is tough, find the bind and fix that. My guess is the motor the problem. I can't remember for sure, but it is likely a DC motor. If you are not familiar with working with electrical components and meters, I recommend you find someone who is. Good luck.


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            i am pretty sure that has a dc variable speed motor. look for two covers on the motor, 1 on either side. there will be carbon brushes under the covers. pick up at grainger or an electronics store. usually an easy fix


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              I finaly know that it's the speed control that caused this.
              If I only knew this sooner


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                Very Good. A volt/ohm meter would show that along with the wiring diagram. Glad you figured it out


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                  Hi sir:
                  Please test with the DMM 24Vac in the secondary of Trafo.
                  then J1 see if they are 30Vac, and finally +24Vdc goint to the main motor DC.
                  You can adjust the Max Speed with the POT, to the side R3 .
                  See if the motor can Run very well, If do not please examine for Brush, bearing, lube and Reheating winding(time to go the
                  repair shop>.
                  Let me know.
                  cell+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441


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