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do imagesetters need to be in a ventilated place?

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  • do imagesetters need to be in a ventilated place?

    If you have say a AB dick imagesetter. Your developer and processor sits in a tub inside the machine inside the doors. Its always sitting in there exposed to the air. Is that developer and processor liquid sitting in the imagesetter toxic to the air where you need it ventilated? Or can it be in an office where you work all day, day after day without ventilation? I know it says on the bottles to not breath in the vapors but that could be at close up for all I know. I had another printer tell me its fine and won't be any issues and I am not sure if that's true? Does it give off toxic fumes in the air where it needs ventilation or does it not where its safe to be in a 12x12 room with it ever day without ventilation? As much help as possible would be great.

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    And why does the imagesetter need around 30" space between it and the walls if its not in use? Or is that only when in use?


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      Yes have it in a well ventilated room, it´s not that the fumes are very toxic but your guys and galls in the shop are not going to be happy with the stink all day. I suppose it depends on where you are on this rock, a country with strict environmental laws or a country with a more flexible attitude. I for one would not want to be all day in a room with such a machine. Then 30!"Aas a techician nothing annoys me more than a machine that is stuck in some cubby hole where you have to go through someting to get to something. Just use a bit of common sense and you´ll be alright.


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        Working daily in a 12x12 room without ventilation?
        That sounds like a health hazard already!
        Processing chemicals for films/plates are certainly adding unhealthy substances to the air.
        How harmful? - that depends on the combination of volume and type of the specific materials and chemicals involved.
        Adding an exhaust above the machine seems the least thing to do.
        Try to get the manufacturers' recommendations and study them.


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          I mean the chemical s just sitting in the tub? Does that give toxins in the air? AB dick literaly can't give a strait response that.


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            Most of the chemicals released to the room air will be released when the processor is working.
            The more it works, the more unhealthy substances get to the air.
            When the processor is inactive, it is likely that some chemical substances will still be released to the air, depending on how well the chemical containers and processing racks are sealed.
            I am not familiar with AB Dick imagesetters and their internals, but if you look inside the machine and see that the electronics are hermetically sealed, so that humidity and chemical fumes can't reach them, you can guess the reason for this...


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              I'm not a expert but, I used the DPM line for 10+ years.

              The chemistry is heated and constantly evaporating so, some of it's getting in the air. Mine have always been in more open spaces. I would think it would be at best unpleasant in a 12X12 room.


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                I would think that a 12 x 12 room without any ventilation would be uncomfortable even without a processor. At least open a door and let some air in or install an exhaust fan to remove the fumes and allow fresh air in. A small exhaust fan is not expensive and would go a long way to make a safe environment for you.


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