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Water roller swollen at ends?

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    ink form rollers set too tight to the vibrator rollers will swell on the ends like your pic shows. The side to side action of the ink vibrator against the ends of the form rollers will over time begin to separate the rubber from the metal core.


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      Hello fellow Lithographers,

      turbotom, is correct.

      Regards, Alois


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        Hey Tomtech, I am the press operator. And also the co-owner. We're a three person operation and most of our money comes from digital and letterpress printing, so the offset press really only gets used for special projects. You're right though, using the night latch is definitely the smart thing to do. I go through the pressures every time I use it just to make sure they're good, but a big issue is that we are not in a temperature controlled space, so they vary more than they otherwise should.

        Turbotom, the uneven stripe was really only with the water form roller. The ink form stripes all looked good. The form-to-oscillator is only ever about 3mm, if I'm remembering correctly. (But not at the shop now so the settings I have written down are not in front of me.)

        The update I have now is that I swapped out all the soft Crestline rollers on both heads as of Friday. I then set all the pressures—the water form pressure looks amazing now. So I'll do a full inking of the press on Monday and try to print, and see what I've got.

        - Lantz


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          Ok, here's an update. I'm still having an issue with the Crestline rollers not getting sufficiently inked and that's leading to the same problem I was having before. The roller pressures are all set to spec and the stripes are fortunately nice and even now, after changing the rollers. It's Van Son ink, which I don't typically use but which I also have not had problems with. What am I missing?

          - Lantz


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            I ran a Crestline for 20 years, its been 10 years since we bought a digital Presstek BUT I remember changing rollers about every 2 years and you have to be diligent about deglazing and rinsing with water at the end of your wash ups. As far as not getting enough ink on the water rollers, are you bridging the water rollers when you ink up? Another thing, on the Crestline dampeners I used the fountain solution they recommended, it was made by Accel and if I remember right it was a 2 part solution, not saying it made a difference but I had very little issues. You sure your form to oscillator pressures are good? Make sure you didn't miss a transfer adjustment somewhere that's not getting ink to the oscillator?



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