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Gotta Keep Her Runnin' .... (AB Dick 9810 Ink Waver Roller Removal)

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  • Gotta Keep Her Runnin' .... (AB Dick 9810 Ink Waver Roller Removal)

    Well, my faithful AB Dick 9810 (w/T-head) has got to keep running. Cannot see how I can do without her. And I'll eventually get all the worn parts replaced (one at a time, I suppose).

    I had a brass gear, deep inside the press, go out the other day, so I robbed one from my parts press. It has far less miles on it. While I was in there I wanted to get the gear off the end of the driven ink oscillator/waver roller.

    One of the advantages of having a parts press is you get to learn how to take things apart on it before diving into the main press, learning secrets along the way.

    I removed the pin and the 3 cap screws, and the gear separated on the shaft from the roller itself, but cannot get the roller to slide on the shaft so that I can remove the gear.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have put a block between the side of the roller and the frame of the press and pounded away on it, but no joy.

    Thought about getting some penetrating oil and spraying on the ends of the shaft, but not sure if I'm missing something somewhere.

    I thought the pin was supposed to be what held it in position, left and right, on the shaft, but before I get too much further carried away I thought I would ask for any available insight and wisdom.


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    Any AB Dick service guys on here?


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